Media Briefing for Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26th, 2009

Michael Jackson was 50 years old. (Los Angeles Times)

Michael Jackson transcended boundaries. (Los Angeles Times)

Michael Jackson’s career was the first career of a great music pop star that was shaped by TV. (Los Angeles Times)

With people looking for news about Michael Jackson, some Web sites crashed. (New York Times)

Walter Cronkite is seriously ill, according to a family statement. href=> (New York Times)

President Barack Obama has announced his intent to nominate Meredith Attwell Baker for a Republican position on the five-person FCC. (TV Newsday)

The Senate has confirmed Julius Genachowski as head of the Federal Communications Commission and Robert McDowell for a second FCC term. (Associated Press)

The Chinese Health Ministry has ordered sharp restrictions on Internet access to medical research papers on sexual subjects. It is the latest move in what the ministry calls an antipornography campaign that many China experts see as a harbinger of a broader crackdown on freedom of expression and dissent. href=> (New York Times)

Senior U.S. officials are pressuring the Chinese government to shelve a proposed rule that would require all computers shipped in China to be equipped with Web-filtering software, citing concerns that the order may violate China’s commitments under the World Trade Organization. (Washington Post)

Google is welcoming new users to its voice service. (New York Times)

How to securely manage passwords. (New York Times)