Weekly Media News Briefing: June 20 – 24

June 20th, 2011

WNET Deal to Run New Jersey Public Television Blocked by Assembly. STAR-LEDGER

Cable Subscribers Down 3.8% in 15 Biggest Markets. CABLE + BROADCASTING

Amid Rumors of an Offer for Hulu, The Wall Street Journal Has Examined Who Might Benefit From its Acquisition. The #2 site for internet video streaming features unique, targeted video advertising in addition to a dual-revenue stream model (subscription and ad-supported).

Keith Olbermann Made His Debut on Current TV Monday, Telling Viewers That His Show is to be a “Newscast of Contextualization”. NYTIMES
The show’s first airing also captured its target demographic, with 179,000 viewers.

Cable Network Ad Sales, up by About 15%, are on Track to Match Broadcast. As many would like to declare television’s decline, cable networks are pouring funds into original content and ad sales have seen growth in 2011. THR

The U.S. Media Industry Grew 3.1% in 2010, and is Expected to Grow 3.5% in 2011. BLOOMBERG

The New York Times Reported That High Quality, Original Web Series Are Still Struggling to Find a Large Audience, Despite Growth Trends in Online Video. Sites seeking to curate content and bring only the best original web-exclusive content to viewers may be taking a step forward, but neither productions or new platforms are seeing big numbers. NYTIMES

PricewaterhouseCoopers Predicts Digital Subscriptions Will Provide a Marginal Rebound for Magazines and Newspapers by 2015. Their predictions do not bode well for the US newspaper industry. FORBES