Weekly Media News Briefing: June 13 – 17

June 13th, 2011

Magazine’s as a ‘Shoppable Experience’: Hearst Focuses on Bringing Purchase Functionality to its Magazines. NYTIMES

Rupert Murdoch Suggests China Modify its Approach to its Burgeoning Film Market – Lower Barriers to Entry, Help Protect IP Rights. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Bloomberg LP Files Complaint Against Comcast. The media company wants Bloomberg TV to appear alongside other news networks in Comcast’s channel lineup, citing the FCC channel ‘neighborhooding’ provisions established in the recent Comcast/NBC Universal merger . Issues like this one are likely to become more prominent as different types of media organizations continue to converge, increasingly blurring the line between content producer and distributor. For more on this story: LATIMES

The Movie Industry Will Continue Strong Growth Through 2015, Analysts Predict. THR

Youtube Increases its Number of Advertisers by 100% ADAGE

Comcast and Skype Team Up to Deliver Video Calling via TV. NYTIMES