Media News Briefing for Tuesday, May 24th

May 24th, 2011

Why Has Liberty Media Expressed Such a Great Interest in Barnes and Noble? The Hollywood Reporter offers some clues, among them Liberty’s wish to situate itself as a ‘retail-plus-device player’. This is a significant move which should not be underestimated, as Apple’s iPad subscription model, in which Apple takes a large piece of the pie, is lending definition to the future of publishing. THR

The Columbia Journalism Review Offers its Final Recommendations to Journalists, News Organizations, as a Part of its Recent Report on Digital Journalism. CJR

Reuters Partners With Investigative News Network, a Not-For-Profit News Agency, to Syndicate Investigative News You ‘Won’t Find Anywhere Else’. CUTLINE

The Future of Broadcasting May Be on Mobile Devices – If Broadcasters Can Hold Onto Their Spectrum. As debates between broadcasters, wireless providers, and the FCC play out, broadcasters still have the opportunity to maintain their place as essential service providers by leveraging the opportunities available in mobile, broadcasting directly to devices over-the-air. TVNEWSCHECK