Episode 1 Excerpt: Producer Craig Gilbert introduces the Loud family of Santa Barbara, and the family spends their first New Year's Eve apart. (10:38)

Life at the House

Episode 3 Excerpt: The Loud children enjoy some idle time at home while Pat returns from New York and discusses parenting with Bill over lunch. (9:38)

Going Back Home

Episode 4 Full Episode: Pat visits her mother in Eugene, Oregon and reviews the history of her and Bill's families. (58:33)

Summer of ’71

Episode 5 Excerpt: Bill Loud arranges for his son Grant to work in Orange County, while his other son Kevin travels overseas to job shadow one of Bill's employees. (29:47)


Episode 7 Excerpt: Pat and Bill attend a Santa Barbara community event, and Pat chastizes Bill as they discuss separation. (16:16)


Episode 9 Excerpt: Bill returns from a business trip, and Pat tells him that he should leave. (11:45)

Pep Rally

Episode 10 Excerpt: Grant's band performs at the high school with a raucous rock finale for the pep rally. (15:39)
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