Super Cats, A NATURE Miniseries

Panelist Bios

Air date: 10/24/2018

Super Cats, A Nature Miniseries

Panelist Biographies


Gavin Boyland

Series Producer, BBC


Gavin Boyland is an award-winning series producer at the BBC’s prestigious Natural History Unit, a world leader in wildlife film production. From filming mountain gorillas with Sigourney Weaver to chasing mammoths across Siberia, Boyland specializes in popular and presenter-led natural history. His recent credits include Natural Born Hustlers, Animal Babies and Super Cats. He’s currently producing Primates, the ultimate portrait of an amazing animal family, which he happens to be part off.

Fred Kaufman

Executive Producer, Nature


For more than 25 years, Fred Kaufman has been a leading executive in the natural history genre. As the executive producer of the acclaimed PBS Nature series, Kaufman has won seven Emmys and two Peabody Awards. He has been with Nature since its beginning in 1982 and has overseen it since 1991. During his tenure, Nature has been honored with hundreds of industry awards. In 2012, Kaufman was named the recipient of the International Wildlife Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Media. In 2010, he accepted the Outstanding Achievement Award from the prestigious Wildscreen Festival in Bristol, England. It was the first time in the 20-year history of the festival that the award was presented to an American wildlife series. Kaufman is a member of the Writers Guild of America and vice chairman of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. He appears regularly on public television fundraising drives as a spokesman for quality natural history television.