THIRTEEN’s Emmy Award-Winning Series Cyberchase Premieres First Thanksgiving Special November 22 at 7 p.m. on PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel and Live Stream

Cyberchase – Season 12

Air date: 11/21/2019

Cyberchase – Season 12

Episode Descriptions


#1201 Giving Thanks Day

*Thanksgiving special*                                                                

Premieres November 22, 2019

Topics: food waste; fractions; sorting by attributes; non-standard measurement (volume); counting 1-20

It’s Giving Thanks Day in Cyberspace! The CyberSquad is excited to celebrate together with a meal featuring Jackie’s famous pumpkin pie. But, there’s a big problem—all the pristine produce in Cornucopia is sold out for the season! The last customer was none other than…Hacker. Hacker is busy preparing his own spectacular meal, but he refuses to share any extra fruits and vegetables. With only unwanted, dented, and bruised produce left at the farm, can the CyberSquad pull off a successful Giving Thanks Day feast? Or is there more to food than meets the eye?


#1202 and #1203 Space Waste Odyssey, Parts 1 & 2

Premieres November 29, 2019

Topics: citizen science, trash, data collection, representation & interpretation

Has Hacker finally concocted his most perfect plan to shut down Motherboard once and for all, making  him the ruler of Cyberspace? It looks that way, as Hacker has positioned giant patches of trash in Cyberspace to converge on Control Central! Hacker is giddy with delight, because the citizens of Cyberspace unknowingly helped his plan. They didn’t dispose of their trash properly and created the huge trash patches to begin with. Back at Control Central, Digit is updating Motherboard’s software for her birthday and accidentally causes her to shut down! He and the CyberSquad try to reboot her, to no avail. With Motherboard down, they must rely on their quick problem-solving skills and help from citizen scientists to get to the bottom of the trash trouble and protect Control Central. Can they save Motherboard – and all of Cyberspace – before it’s too late?


#1204 A Garden Grows in Botlyn

*Valentine’s Day special*

Premieres February 14, 2020

Topics: gardens; data representation with diagrams; using a grid to create countable square units; skip counting; estimation; standard linear measurement

Digit’s friend Ren is excited to plan a very special Valentine’s Day party at his favorite spot – the beautiful Botlyn Botanic Garden. It’s the only garden in all of bustling Botlyn, and he can’t imagine having his celebration any place else. But when Ren and the CyberSquad discover the garden isn’t available, it’s time to improvise. They get their hands dirty and use their math skills to plot out and plant a beautiful garden in an unlikely space. Will everything come up roses? Meanwhile, Hacker receives an unexpected valentine of his own – from whom could it possibly be?


#1205 Missing Bats in Sensible Flats       

Premieres April 17, 2020

Topics: pollinators; maps; using map coordinates to determine a location; directionality; spatial sense; data collection, representation & interpretation using a chart; using tally marks; counting 1-100

Digit’s cousin, Brigit, is in a prickly bind. Although her garden is overflowing with flowering cactus plants, they’re not bearing any apple cactus fruit. And no cactus apple fruit means no cactus apple juice –everyone’s favorite drink in all of Cyberspace! Brigit thinks she knows what’s going on, thanks to a chart she’s kept of how many bats – or in this case, how few – have come to pollinate the cactus flowers so far.  Where have all the bats gone? Could it have something to do with Hacker’s new secret hideout? With a map to guide the way, Digit, Matt, Jackie, and Inez set out into the desert to find out.


#1206 Water Woes

Premieres April 17, 2020

Topics: watersheds; maps; directionality; spatial awareness; data collection, representation & interpretation using a map

It’s not easy being the most notorious villain in all of Cyberspace, and Hacker is really stressed out. Buzz and Delete surprise their mess-of-a-stress boss with a blissful day at Mount Bear Fresh Water Spa, full of relaxing treatments sourced from the beautiful Mount Bear River! But, when the water supply suddenly stops flowing, Hacker and the other patrons are left out to dry. With spa manager, Jules, in over his head, Buzz and Delete go to extreme measures and ask the CyberSquad for help. Using a map and spatial reasoning skills, Digit and the kids turn upstream for clues about why the spa’s water has been reduced to a mere trickle. Can the CyberSquad save the day? Or will it all just go down the drain?


#1207 Soil Turmoil

Premieres April 17, 2020

Topics: soil; data collection, representation & interpretation using tables; counting 1-20; sampling data; non-standard linear measurement

Trouble is brewing beneath Serene Greens! Hapo the earthworm needs help underground, but how can the CyberSquad possibly help their miniscule friend? With one zap of Digit’s “shrinkray,” the team shrinks to the size of tiny insects and portals underground. They’re literally IN the soil! The diminutive Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Digit come face-to-face with all sorts of critters that make up this thriving ecosystem. The only problem is Hapo’s home turf, Bug Bayou, is anything but flourishing. The roots are mushy, the ground is clumpy and dry, and food is scarce, causing creatures to flee to healthier ground. Something is damaging Hapo’s soil. But what? The CyberSquad digs in to get to the root of the problem.


#1208 Hacker Hugs a Tree

Premieres April 17, 2020

Topics: deforestation; data collection, representation & interpretation using pictographs; counting 1-100; skip counting

Who knew Hacker was a nature lover? Seems it all started many Cyber-years ago, when Motherboard banished him to the Northern Frontier. With only the trees to call his friends, Hacker developed a soft spot for the woodlands. That’s why he’s especially incensed when a new villain begins to zap his beloved trees into thin air. The tree-sanity must be stopped! In an unlikely pairing, the CyberSquad steps in to help Hacker. But, will they be able save the forest before it’s too late?


#1209 Pursuit of the Prism of Power

Premieres May 8, 2020

Topics: biomimicry; analyzing attributes; using modeling in problem solving

Hacker has stolen the Prism of Power—a vital piece of Motherboard’s Operating System! Over the trees of Jungolia, the CyberSquad is in hot pursuit, when suddenly, a gust of wind sends everyone careening across the lush cybersite. Facing monsters, canyons, and cliffs, Digit and the kids must form unlikely alliances with Hacker, Buzz, and Delete as they pursue the Prism. Along the way, they notice how life on Jungolia is well suited to the surroundings—creatures blend into mud with camouflage, burrs cling to moss with hooks on their exterior, and sure-footed goats easily amble up the steepest peaks. Perhaps these features are just the creative inspiration the kids need. Can the CyberSquad adapt to the challenge? And who will be the first to reach the Prism of Power?


#1210 Composting in the Clutch

Premieres May 8, 2020

Topics: composting; measurement; fractions; charts; skip counting by 2’s and 20’s to 100; place value with tens and hundreds to one thousand

Has Hacker finally found a way to take down Motherboard forever? All bets are off when Hacker stumbles upon the secret location of the “Program Proliferator”—a piece of hardware capable of reprogramming Motherboard’s operating system. It’s buried right under Dingerville Park, home of The Dingerball Series, a once-in-every-four-year championship game less than a week away. While retrieving the device, Hacker suctions up all the ballfield’s dirt, leaving a giant crater in the ground—and in the hearts of all Cybercitizens. No one is more distraught than Lefty, the local seven-year-old pitcher Matt’s been mentoring. The CyberSquad must figure out how to refill the missing dirt before the big game! Could composting lead to a home run?


#1211 A Camping Conundrum                  

Premieres May 8, 2020

Topics: solar energy; data collection, representation & interpretation of data using charts; reading and recording analog times to the hour; elapsed time

Matt, Inez, Digit, and Jackie are planning a friendship retreat: four epic days of camping in the wilderness on Camptopia. Although Jackie’s going to miss her warm bed, everyone’s excited to spend uninterrupted time together in nature—no distractions whatsoever. All are happy campers until Digit’s Power Pal 3000—a cooking-heating-entertainment center all-in-one—suddenly shuts down! With no gadgets to heat up their campsite, cook their meals, or save their retreat, temperatures drop while tensions rise. The kids have to learn how to work through their frustrations, and perhaps look up for a solution. Through a bit of trial and error, the kids discover that they can harness the power of the sun to solve their problems. It’s amazing what solar energy and a little ingenuity can do!


#1212 Journey of a Thousand Food Miles

Premieres May 8, 2020

Topics: food miles; counting 1-1000; measurement – miles; flow chart/map reading and interpretation; reading analog clocks to hour, half, hour, quarter hour; elapsed time; combining tens and hundreds

Castleblanca’s most famous food critic, Bone Appetit, is coming to Digit’s restaurant, and Digit must make a meal that’s out-of-this-world! Digit knows the critic’s favorite food is cherries. So, what’s the pièce de résistance? His famous Cherry Supreme dessert, of course! But when Ghoul Foods’ cherries are out of stock, Jackie and Inez set out on a dizzying mission to find the elusive ingredient. To what lengths will they go? Let’s just say planes, trains, and automobiles don’t cover the half of it. By tracking how far food travels to make it to diners’ plates, the CyberSquad discovers why shopping local is better for the environment. Meanwhile, Hacker can’t stand Digit being the center of attention, so he sets out to prove a few culinary abilities of his own.


Matt, Inez, and Jackie in Cyberchase’s “A Garden Grows in Botlyn.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

The Hacker with his henchbots in Cyberchase’s “A Garden Grows in Botlyn.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

The CyberSquad with Digit, Ren, and May in Cyberchase’s “A Garden Grows in Botlyn.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

The CyberSquad with Digit and Ren in Cyberchase’s “A Garden Grows in Botlyn.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Jackie, Digit, Matt, Inez and Brigit in the Cyberchase adventure “Missing Bats in Sensible Flats.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Matt, Jackie and Inez in the Cyberchase adventure “Missing Bats in Sensible Flats.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Digit and his cousin Brigit in the Cyberchase adventure “Missing Bats in Sensible Flats.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Matt, Inez and Jackie in the Cyberchase adventure “Water Woes.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

The Hacker with his henchbots in the Cyberchase adventure “Water Woes.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Jackie, Digit, Matt, Inez and Brigit in the Cyberchase adventure “Missing Bats in Sensible Flats.” Credit: THIRTEEN Productions LLC