Reel 13 – January Lineup

Air date: 01/05/2013

Oft-Told Tales Featured in January on THIRTEEN’s Reel13


Leading men Kevin Costner, Joel Edgerton, Cary Grant, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Dudley Moore, Guy Pearce, and James Stewart spotlighted in monthly selection


Reel13’s featured classics for January — “An Affair to Remember” (1957) on January 5, “The Spirit of St. Louis” (1957) on January 12, “Bedazzled” (1967) on January 19, and “No Way Out” (1987) on January 26 — tell stories so popular that they have been told on film time and time again.

Considered one of the most romantic movies of all time, “An Affair to Remember,” starring Hollywood legends Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, began life as Leo McCarey’s 1939 “Love Affair” with Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer. The beloved story about a couple’s promise to reunite still continues to inspire new versions, most recently turning up as Nora Ephron’s “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in 1993, and in a remake with the original title featuring Warren Beatty and Annette Bening in 1994.

The story of Charles Lindbergh’s famed flight across the Atlantic Ocean has been the subject of documentaries, as well as this 1957 feature-length film directed by Billy Wilder. Based on Lindbergh’s 1953 autobiographical account, “The Spirit of St. Louis” tells of the events leading up to and during the historic 33-hour flight, with James Stewart as the legendary aviator.

Another story with countless interpretations is the classic Faustian legend. Veteran filmmaker Stanley Donen directed the updated comedic version “Bedazzled,” starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, in 1967, which was remade by Harold Ramis in 2000 and featured Brendan Fraser and, in a gender twist, Elizabeth Hurley as the feisty devil. In the 1967 iteration, Moore makes a pact with the devil (Cook) who grants him seven wishes, all producing less than desirable results.

Roger Donaldson’s “No Way Out” first started out as a 1946 novel by Kenneth Fearing as well as a 1948 film by John Farrow called “The Big Clock.” Donaldson’s remake, starring Kevin Costner, is a political thriller about a U.S. Naval officer who after a steamy affair has to investigate the murder of the woman.

An eclectic mixture of international cinema is showcased on Reel13’s Indie, featuring independent films hailing from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, and Spain.

Every Saturday night beginning at 9 p.m., viewers can catch a Classic hosted by film historian Neal Gabler, followed by an Indie, hosted by Richard Peña.

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 “An Affair to Remember” (1957) Dir: Leo McCarey

Two people meet aboard a cruise ship and plan to reunite atop the Empire State Building. With Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

“Amador” (2010) Dir: Fernando León de Aranoa

A young woman takes a summer job caring for a bedridden older man. With Magaly Solier, Celso Bugallo, and Pietro Sibille



 “The Spirit of St. Louis(1957) Dir: Billy Wilder

Charles Lindbergh attempts to become the first man to fly nonstop across the Atlantic to Paris in 1927. With James Stewart, Murray Hamilton, and Patricia Smith

Owning Mahowny(2003) Dir: Richard Kwietniowski

Philip Seymour Hoffman is a bank manager with a gambling habit. With Minnie Driver, and John Hurt



 “Bedazzled (1967) Dir: Stanley Donen

A short-order cook with a crush on a waitress makes a deal with the devil. With Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, and Eleanor Bron

Protektor(2009) Dir: Marek Najbrt

In 1938, a radio reporter in Prague joins a Nazi propaganda station to protect his Jewish wife. With Matthias Brandt, Jan Budar, and Marek Daniel



No Way Out (1987) Dir: Roger Donaldson

The Secretary of Defense forces a Pentagon naval aide to lead a manhunt for a Soviet spy during a murder cover-up. With Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, and Sean Young

 “Animal Kingdom(2010) Dir: David Michôd

A 17-year-old boy tries to survive in a family of criminals. With James Frecheville, Guy Pearce, and Joel Edgerton


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