NATURE Short Films

Air date: 12/03/2018

NATURE Highlights the Plight of Three Endangered Species with New Digital Short Films

Learn about efforts to save the tree kangaroos in Papua New Guinea, bighorn sheep in Montana and snow leopards in India

Films will stream on and beginning December 3


Beginning on December 3, 2018, Nature will spotlight three important conservation stories with 8-12 minute digital short films. The films, which were all shot and directed by Joseph Pontecorvo (Yosemite, Snow Monkeys), focus on the work of conservationists in conjunction with local communities to help preserve endangered species.

These short films are part of Nature’s multi-platform mission to provide a voice for the natural world and to act as a showcase for wildlife filmmaking that inspires and engages. Each film will be available to stream on and on YouTube. A live Q&A with the conservationists will be hosted on the Nature Facebook page the day after each premiere. In addition, two of the films will have an accompanying 360 VR  experience for viewers to get a firsthand look at the environments of these creatures.

The three short films are as follows:

A Life Among the Clouds: A Nature Short Film

Premieres Monday, December 3 on

Join Lisa Dabek and her team with Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program as they journey into the remote cloud forests of Papua New Guinea. Meet one of the most elusive creatures you will ever see in the wild – the Matschie’s tree kangaroo. See how the local people are helping to protect this rare marsupial and its forest home.

Kangaroos and Coffee 360 VR

Premieres Thursday, December 6 on

Take a virtual reality tour of a remote pristine rain forest on the northeast coast of Papua New Guinea. Here, researchers with Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program release a Matschie’s tree kangaroo back into the wild. And see how coffee production is saving these animals.

Running with the Herd: A Nature Short Film

Premieres Monday, December 10 on

Biologist Jack Hogg has been studying a herd of wild bighorn sheep on Montana’s National Bison Range for more than 35 years. When Jack’s herd gets infected with a deadly form of pneumonia, he goes in search of answers. The film uncovers the frightening truth about a pervasive epidemic that threatens one of North America’s most iconic animals.

Running with the Herd 360 VR

Premieres Thursday, December 13 on

A 360 VR experience that takes you inside a herd of bighorn sheep in the wilds of Montana. The virtual reality experience explores the impact of respiratory disease on bighorn sheep.

Living with Snow Leopards – Tashi’s Story: A Nature Short Film

Premieres Monday, December 17 on

In the frigid Indian Himalayas, people manage to eke out a living alongside one of Asia’s most elusive cats: the snow leopard. Today there may be as few as 4,000 of these great cats remaining in the wild, and with the snow leopards‘ prey in decline, encounters between herders and the cat are on the rise. Explore this fragile relationship through the eyes of Tashi, a local goatherder, and learn how his village has partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust to find ways to both live with and save one of the rarest cats on Earth.

Series Overview:

Nature is a voice for the natural world, bringing the wonders of wildlife and stories of conservation to millions of American viewers. Nature has won more than 700 honors from the television industry, the international wildlife film communities and environmental organizations, including 18 Emmys and three Peabody Awards. Nature is a production of THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS LLC for WNET and PBS. For Nature, Fred Kaufman is Executive Producer. Bill Murphy is Series Producer and Janet Hess is Series Editor.


Support for Nature programming is made possible in part by the Arnhold Family in memory of Clarisse Arnhold, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III, the Kate W. Cassidy Foundation, the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, Kathy Chiao and Ken Hao, the Anderson Family Fund, the Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation, Rosalind P. Walter, the Halmi Family in memory of Robert Halmi, Sr., Sandra Atlas Bass, by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and by the nation’s public television stations.



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Matschie’s tree kangaroo in the YUS Conservation Area, Papua New Guinea. Credit: Doug Bonham / Courtesy of Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Tree kangaroo named Alana at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. Credit: Ryan Hawk / Courtesy of Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Tree kangaroos. Credit: Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Matschie’s tree kangaroo in the YUS Conservation Area, Papua New Guinea. Credit: Daniel Solomon Okena / Courtesy of Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

A local goatherder in the Indian Himalayas. Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust

Snow leopard in the Indian Himalayas. Credit: Sagar Gosavi / Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust

Snow leopard in the Indian Himalayas. Credit: Sagar Gosavi / Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust

Tashi, a local goatherder in the Indian Himalayas. Courtesy of Snow Leopard Trust

Bighorn sheep. Credit: Peter J. Carboni / Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ram's skull. Credit: Alejandro Linares Garcia / Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Female Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Credit: Frank Schulenburg / Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons