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September 2014


Sunday, September 7, 12 noon on PBS

Great Performances at the Met

“La Cenerentola”

Joyce DiDonato sings her first Met performances of the title character in Rossini’s Cinderella story, La Cenerentola, with bel canto master Juan Diego Flórez as her dashing prince. Met Principal Conductor Fabio Luisi leads a cast that also includes Pietro Spagnoli in his Met debut as the servant Dandini, Alessandro Corbelli as Cenerentola’s stepfather Don Magnifico, and Luca Pisaroni as Don Ramiro’s tutor, Alidoro. Soprano Deborah Voigt hosts.


Saturday, September 13, 2014, 8-10p.m.

Great Performances

Star-Spangled Spectacular: Bicentennial of Our National Anthem

The valiant defense of Fort McHenry on the night of September 13, 1814, during the Battle of Baltimore inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.”  On the occasion of the Anthem’s 200th birthday, John Lithgow hosts a celebration of that event live from Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore. Co-hosted by recording artist and actress Jordin Sparks, the special also features performances by actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth; singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge; mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves-Montgomery; country group Little Big Town; a cappella group Pentatonix; singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson; singer Kenny Rogers; rock band Train; the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Music Director Marin Alsop.  The Baltimore harbor, replete with tall ships and naval vessels will serve as a stunning backdrop.  The patriotic special will also include ceremonial activities at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, historical highlights and an extraordinary fireworks crescendo.


Tuesday, September 23, 8-9 p.m. on PBS  (10-parts)

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Series Synopsis

Since the premiere of his groundbreaking series African American Lives (2006) through the first season of Finding Your Roots (2012), noted Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has been helping people discover long-lost relatives hidden for generations within the branches of their family trees.  Professor Gates utilizes a team of genealogists to reconstruct the paper trail left behind by our ancestors and the world’s leading geneticists to decode our DNA and help us travel thousands of years into the past to discover the origins of our earliest forebears. Joining Gates in this new season of Finding Your Roots will be a diverse group of 30 guests, including Oscar winner Ben Affleck, actress Jessica Alba, award winning journalist Anderson Cooper, senior advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett, tennis great Billie Jean King, legendary author Stephen King, multi-platinum selling musician Nas, and many more. With these guests and others, Gates continues his quest to understand our collective American identity, bringing to life the family histories of African American, Asian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Latin American guests alike. Over 10 episodes the series will reveal rich family stories, tracing back to the subjects’ ancestors arrival on America’s shores, and beyond: deep into the history of their countries of origin. Each hour will highlight three guests bound together by an intimate, sometimes hidden link, as Gates treks through layers of ancestral history, uncovers secrets and surprises of their family trees and shares life-altering discoveries.

Episode 201: “In Search of Our Fathers” (part 1 of 10)

Guests: Stephen King, Gloria Reuben and Courtney B. Vance

Three guests who know almost nothing about their fathers’ histories:  Stephen King’s father walked out on the family when he was only two years old, and never returned; Courtney B. Vance wants to learn more about his true roots after the tragic suicide of his father, a foster child who never knew the identity of his biological parents; and Gloria Reuben’s father was 78 years old when she was born, and he died when she was young, taking the secret of his ancestry with him.  We solve the mysteries of their paternal ancestry and introduce them to relatives they never knew they had.


Tuesday, September 23, 9-10:30 p.m. on PBS

American Masters

“The Boomer List”

From the time of its birth, the boomer generation has significantly and uniquely changed our world. In 2014, the last boomer turns 50. American Masters: The Boomer List is a comprehensive look at 19 iconic boomers–one born each year of the baby boom from 1946-1964, including Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Joel, Tommy Hilfiger, Amy Tan, Maria Shriver, Kim Cattrall, Erin Brockovich, Rosie O’Donnell, David LaChapelle and John Leguizamo. TV viewers, museum visitors and readers will gain insight into the boomer generation through intimate interviews and large-scale portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (The Black List, The Latino List and The Out List) that focus on exceptional achievement, struggle and identity, telling the story of extraordinary Americans and the history they lived through and often created. Subjects will illuminate the important movements and changes that shaped the world during the baby boom years. Topics will include the environment; arts and entertainment; science; civil, LGBT and women’s rights; law; politics; public service; sports; the military; technology and media. The Boomer List is also an exhibit of large-format portraits on display September 26, 2014 – July 5, 2015at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Companion book (Luxury Press) and DVD (Perfect Day Films) available October 1, 2014. The Boomer List is sponsored by AARP and is part of its yearlong program, Boomers@50+, which celebrates this influential generation.


Wednesday, September 24, 8pm on PBS (3 parts)

Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, A Nature Special Presentation

For nearly a year, 50 animatronic cameras disguised as realistic life-size penguins, eggs and rocks infiltrate penguin colonies to record the tough challenges penguins face from the moment they emerge from the sea to raising their chicks and finally returning to the water.  The intimate, emotional, and sometimes amusing behavior of nature’s most devoted parents bringing up their young against the most extraordinary odds is revealed as never before.

Episode 1: The Journey – Emperor penguins cross a treacherous frozen sea to reach their breeding grounds.  Rockhoppers brave the world’s stormiest seas only to come ashore and face a daunting assault up a 300-foot cliff, hopping most of the way up.  Tropical Humboldt penguins negotiate predatory sea lions and vampire bats to reach their desert nests. The hard work for all the penguins finally pays off when their tiny, vulnerable chicks begin to hatch.


Wednesday, September 24, 10-11 pm p.m. on PBS

Secrets of the Dead

“Resurrecting Richard III”

Find out what the bones of King Richard III reveal about his fitness for battle. When a group of amateur historians set out to find the bones of Richard III under a parking lot in England, everyone thought they were mad. Until, a skeleton — hunchbacked and with an arrow in its spine — emerged. University of Leichester scientists ultimately confirmed the identity of the reviled king through DNA. A series of fascinating, new experiments are now underway, including  startling new DNA matches,  revelations about his fitness going into battle…and a lucky accident when scientists discover a War of the Roses re-enactor—with matching scoliosis — answering the question, could a king with such a deformed body fight ferociously in battle as the heroic accounts suggest?


Saturday, September 27, 11 am -6 p.m. (Live) on public media stations

American Graduate Day 2014

For the third consecutive year, WNET presents this full-day multi-platform event live from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York–featuring local and national programming, community partners, and celebrities, to celebrate the exceptional work of the individuals and groups whose ongoing efforts and daily heroics help area youth stay on track to earn high school diplomas. Hosted by is bestselling author and education advocate Wes Moore, American Graduate Day is part of American Graduate – Let’s Make It Happen – a public media initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help more kids stay on the path to graduation. The key component of the event is the participation of the community-based organizations. Nearly 30 national partner organizations, 14 local organizations, and celebrity guests involved in education and youth intervention programs will be featured. A special goal for this year’s event is also to recognize one million American Graduate Champions taking an active role in volunteering their time, talent, or other resources to help put kids on a path to success. Among the national organizations featured are: 4-H, America’s Promise Alliance, Autism Speaks, Best Buddies, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Citizen Schools, City Year, Exploring the Arts, FIRST Robotics, Gateway to College National Network, Junior Achievement, My Brother’s Keeper, National Academy Foundation, The Raise Up Project, Reach Out and Read, Reading is Fundamental, Roadtrip Nation, Special Olympics, Samsung Electronics North America, Taco Bell Foundation, United Way and VH1 Save The Music Foundation. WNET will feature local organizations including: Blue Engine, Expeditionary Learning, Eye to Eye , Girls Who Code, Global Kids, Horizons National, “I Have A Dream” Foundation, iMentor, The New York Foundling, NYC Outward Bound Schools, New York Cares, Rocking the Boat, Sesame Workshop, and VISIONS. The host of this year’s event is bestselling author and education advocate Wes Moore. Other hosts participating in the day’s events are Bianna Golodryga (Yahoo!), Hari Sreenivasan (PBS NewsHour Weekend), Lauren Wanko (NJTV), Juju Chang (ABC News), Rehema Ellis (NBC News), Lyn May (PBS) and William Brangham (PBS NewsHour Weekend). Elmo (Sesame Street) will appear for Sesame Workshop. Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto, Juju Chang (ABC), Bianna Golodryga (Yahoo!), Rehema Ellis (NBC), Hari Sreenivasan (PBS NewsHour), Elmo (Sesame Street), Ingrid Michaelson, Gen. Colin Powell and Alma Powell, Edward James Olmos, CC Sabathia, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Miral Kotb, Andy Grammer, Brian Williams (NBC), his wife Jane Williams and their children Allison Williams (Girls) and Doug Williams (YES Network) are among the many personalities and guests scheduled to appear.


Tuesday, September 30, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 202: “Born Champions” (part 2 of 10)

Guests: Derek Jeter, Billie Jean King and Rebecca Lobo

Three of America’s greatest athletes whose determination and love of sports were deeply shaped by their families, but who were all cut off from their true origins. Billie Jean King learns the true story of her grandmother, who had always kept the secret of her orphan birth. Derek Jeter confronts his own ancestors’ lives as slaves and discovers that they were owned by a white man named James Jeter – the source of the Jeter name and Derek’s 3rd great-grandfather. Rebecca Lobo finds out that her Spanish ancestor fought side by side with a famous revolutionary and was forced to flee Spain because of his democratic ideals. All are also reunited with the foundation of their American roots through the stories of immigrant ancestors who courageously set out across the Atlantic to build a new life.


October 2014


Wednesday, October 1, 8pm on PBS

Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, A Nature Special Presentation

Episode 2: First Steps – Watched by spycams, newborn emperor penguins in Antarctica are caught walking on their mothers’ feet and taking their own first unsteady steps.  On the Falklands, rockhopper chicks meet their unruly and predatory neighbors while eggcams provide unique views of the colony.  In Peru, Humboldt chicks take on fur seals and take aim at gulls.


Tuesday, October 7, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 203: “Our American Storytellers” (part 3 of 10)

Guests: Ken Burns, Anderson Cooper and Anna Deavere Smith

Three iconic American storytellers who have spent their lives chronicling the lives of others all the while knowing almost nothing about their own family history: Ken Burns confronts the reality of his southern ancestors’ role in the Civil War, including Confederate soldiers who were held captive and a slave-owning Virginian; Anderson Cooper, the scion of one of America’s most storied families, the Vanderbilts, longs to know more about his father’s Southern roots, including the story of an ancestor murdered by one his slaves; and Anna Deavere Smith learns the epic story of her great-grandfather, Basil Biggs, a free black man and former conductor on the Underground Railroad.  All three guests’ ancestors intersect at the most pivotal moments of American history.


Wednesday, October 8, 8pm on PBS

Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, A Nature Special Presentation

Episode 3: Growing Up – As their chicks become increasingly independent, emperor and rockhopper parents place them in a crèche and go fishing.  Humboldt chicks are left in their burrows as the adults head for the beach.  As the young grow bigger and preen out baby fluff they sport punk hairdos. Emperor chicks go skating while rockhopper chicks practice jumping skills. Eventually all the chicks leave for the sea, tackling the same hazards as their parents before them, from sea lions to predatory birds, high cliffs to glaciers.


Tuesday, October 14, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 204: “Roots of Freedom” (part 4 of 10)

Guests: Ben Affleck, Khandi Alexander and Benjamin Jealous

Three guests whose families have long been engaged in the battle for freedom and civil rights but who had no idea that those principles were passed down through generations of ancestors; Ben Affleck’s mother was a Freedom Rider in 1964 and her roots include the 19th century spiritualist Almon French, who attempted to heal the bereaved masses in the aftermath of the Civil War; Benjamin Jealous, former president of the NAACP, learns the heroic story of his great-grandfather, Peter G. Morgan, a free black man who was forced to purchase his own wife and family in order to keep them safe; and actress Khandi Alexander, who never knew who her grandfather was and learned that he may have been murdered in the Jim Crow South.  All three guests discover they have patriot ancestors who fought valiantly for freedom in the American Revolution.


Tuesday, October 21, 8-9 pm

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 205: “The Melting Pot” (part 5 of 10)

Guests: Tom Colicchio, Aarón Sánchez and Ming Tsai

Three celebrity chefs who cook the food of their ancestors discover family members who have shaped their lives–and America’s cuisine. Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio learns the hardships his family endured living in a tiny town in Northern Italy and celebrates the courage of his original immigrant ancestor, a man who crossed the Atlantic multiple times to bring the Colicchios to the United States; Ming Tsai, the child of immigrants who fled Mao’s Cultural Revolution, was raised to believe that his family’s Chinese past was obliterated by the Communists but finds instead that his roots can be traced back over 2000 years, yielding the largest family tree we’ve ever seen; and Aarón Sánchez discovers that his family’s treasured Mexican roots include people who were Spaniards, Africans, and Native Americans. Taken together, the stories of these guests show how the U.S.’s great diversity has given rise to three of our greatest cuisines and indeed infuses every aspect of American life.


Wednesday, October 15, 8-9 p.m. on PBS


“Animal Misfits”

Life on earth is incredibly diverse, but it’s not always what you might expect.  Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature’s misfits.  These odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures at first glance seem-ill equipped for survival.  Left at the starting line in the race for life, these are the apparent losers in the story of evolution, yet somehow they still manage to cling to life and in some cases even thrive.  Animal Misfits reveals some surprising details about how evolution really works, demonstrating that all animals are remarkably well-adapted to their chosen way of life.


Friday, October 24, 9-10 p.m. on PBS

Great Performances

“Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!”

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga team up for a very special concert from the stage of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater in New York City performing selections from their collaborative classic jazz recording, CHEEK TO CHEEK. (Part of the PBS Arts Fall Festival 2014.)


Tuesday, October 28, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 206: “We Come From People” (part 6 of 10)

Guests: Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett and Nas Three guests whose roots run back into the heart of slavery, revealing there is no single narrative and challenging our preconceptions of an era that has profoundly shaped our nations sense of itself.  Hiphop artist Nas discovers a web of his slave ancestors and their intimate relationship with their slave master; award-winning actress Angela Bassett meets her ancestors whose slave family tragedy is rivaled only by a triumphant emancipation story; and presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett goes back in time over 200 years to meet a formidable line-up of free people of color – all of them are trailblazers.


November 2014


Tuesday, November 4, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 207: “Our People, Our Traditions” (part 7 of 10)

Guests: Alan Dershowitz, Carole King and Tony Kushner

Three celebrated Americans who share not only a Jewish heritage but also a history of perseverance in the face of withering opposition.  Tony Kushner delves into the history of the Holocaust to discover his ancestors’ fate; Carole King discovers the origins of her family name and confronts the reality of the discrimination her ancestors faced once they arrived in America; and Alan Dershowitz discovers that the first Hassidic synagogue in Brooklyn, started by his great grandfather, played a secret role in World War II. Now woven into the fabric of the American experience the immigrant stories of our guests’ ancestors provide an extraordinary testimony to this country’s triumph over adversity.


Wednesday, November 5, 8-9 p.m. on PBS

Nature “A Sloth Named Velcro”


In 2000 in the jungles of Panama, a young Spanish journalist named Ana Salceda becomes the foster mother of a tiny orphaned sloth, which she names Velcro.  For nearly two years, the pair is inseparable until Ana finally travels up a remote river to reintroduce Velcro back to the wild.  This is the story of Ana’s return to Central and South America to see how much has changed since Velcro came into her life.  Sloths, once largely ignored, have become a hot topic of scientific researchers.  New studies are showing that they’re not so sloth-like after all.  Sloth sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers are also springing up throughout the Americas as development displaces these gentle creatures.  Shot on location in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, this is a story of friendship and a growing network of people working to learn more about sloths in order to protect them.


Tuesday, November 11, 8-9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 208: “The British Are Coming” (part 8 of 10)

Guests: Deepak Chopra, Sally Field and Sting

Three guests whose ancestry demonstrates the extraordinary influence of the British Empire during the 18th and early 19th century: Sally Field discovers that she descends from William Bradford, who arrived on the Mayflower and helped his fellow English Puritans establish their new lives in colonial America and later discovers that her ancestors sided with the British crown during our nation’s War of Independence and paid the ultimate price; Deepak Chopra’s family made a similar gamble while living under harsh British colonial rule in India, where his grandparents pledged their loyalty to the British in hopes of achieving a higher place in society, and later his father chose to fight alongside British soldiers during World War II; Sting’s story goes back centuries in England where we find that being close to the seat of Empire doesn’t mean that life is any better for those who fueled Great Britain’s world dominance during the Pax Britannica by building its merchant ships and working in its coal mines, and who toiled under unbearable working conditions and Dickensian poverty—conditions that would lead to the “Age of Revolution,” in which the young United States was a key player.


Tuesday, November 18, 8- 9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 209: “Ancient Roots” (part 9 of 10)

Guests: Tina Fey, George Stephanopoulos and David Sedaris

Ancient Roots traces the family history of three quintessential voices in American life. All three descend from ancestors that were part of the wave of Greek immigrants that flooded America’s shores in the early decades of the 20th century. But along the way, the stories of their Greek ancestors were lost. In recovering these stories, we’ll find that their ancestors overcame terrible hardship, and showed remarkable courage in times of war. For Tina Fey, we discover her 5th great-grandfather survived a terrible massacre, and became a hero in the Greek War of Independence. We reveal that David Sedaris‘ ancestors were also touched by the Greek War of Independence. Their home village was raided by the Ottoman military, and David’s great grand-aunt was taken captive — never to see her family again. And we learn that George Stephanopoulos’ family was willing to sacrifice their own lives in the struggle against the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War I.


Wednesday, November 19, 8-9 p.m. on PBS

Nature “Invasion of the Killer Whales”


A remarkable new story is unfolding in the Arctic, one that has never been told before.  As the ice shrinks, polar bears are struggling to survive in a fast-melting world. Polar bears are great hunters on ice but recently their home ground is vanishing from under their feet. Although classified as marine mammals, polar bears are not adapted to hunting in the water despite being able to swim huge distances. And they are certainly no match for the world’s greatest aquatic hunter, the killer whale.  In the last few years scientists and local Inuits have started noting an ever-growing number of killer whales in Arctic waters in the summer months.  More and more have been attracted to these huge hunting grounds by the growing expanses of open water.  And they are attacking exactly the same prey animals as the polar bears:  seals, narwhal, belugas and bowhead whales.


Friday, November 21, 2014, 9-11 p.m.

Great Performances


One of musical theater’s greatest blockbusters returns to GREAT PERFORMANCES for a special encore presentation.  In its nearly 18-year run on Broadway, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats reigned as the longest running musical (only to be surpassed by Lloyd Webber’s own The Phantom of the Opera), and this delightful interpretation of T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats has gone on to charm audiences around the globe.  Lavishly filmed for television with a specially augmented 76-piece orchestra, the many musical highlights include Elaine Paige returning to her original role of Grizabella, the faded “glamour cat” who sings the show-stopping “Memory.”  Also featured are Sir John Mills as Gus and original Broadway cast member Ken Page as Old Deuteronomy.


Tuesday, November 25, 8- 9 pm on PBS

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. – Season Two

Noted Harvard scholar continues his journey into the past to illuminate the familial histories of 29 of today’s most recognizable names in sports, music, film, television, theatre, and literature.

Episode 210: “Decoding our Past Through DNA” (part 10 of 10)

Guests: Jessica Alba, Anderson Cooper, Valerie Jarrett, Governor Deval Patrick, and more

Deval Patrick is the first African American Governor of Massachusetts, and Jessica Alba is an actress who proudly embraces her Mexican American heritage. But cutting edge DNA analysis reveals that their family trees in fact contain a far more diverse range of cultures and races.  Jessica Alba descends from, Jewish ancestors, Mayans and the official cartographer of France’s King Louis the 14th.  Deval Patrick’s roots lead to a black homesteader in Colorado and a white master who gave his former slave land after the Civil War.  We also use DNA to delve deeper into the families of other guests from the series including Valerie Jarrett, Anderson Cooper and to overcome dead ends on host Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s own tree.  The secrets encoded in their genomes challenge these guests’ ideas about their families’ histories and their identities today.


December 2014


Tuesday, December 2, 8-9:30 p.m. on PBS

Holiday encore presentation Friday, December 26 at 9-10:30 p.m. on PBS

American Masters

“Bing Crosby: Rediscovered”

Bing Crosby (May 3, 1903-October 14, 1977) was, without doubt, the most popular and influential multi-media star of the first half of the 20th century. For more than three decades, through radio, film, television and records, he reigned supreme. Thirty-seven years after his death, Crosby remains the most recorded performer in history with nearly 400 hit singles, an achievement no one — not Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley or the Beatles — has come close to matching. Crosby’s estate, HLC Properties, Ltd., granted American Masters unprecedented access to the entertainer’s personal and professional archives. Narrated by Stanley Tucci, the documentary features new interviews with all surviving members of Crosby’s immediate family — wife Kathryn, daughter Mary and sons Harry and Nathaniel — singers Tony Bennett and Michael Feinstein, biographer Gary Giddins, and others. The film reveals Crosby’s struggles with his first wife, Dixie Lee, and their sons Gary, Dennis, Phillip and Lindsay. Mary addresses accusations of abuse first published in Gary’s 1983 memoir, which tarnished their father’s legacy. Gary speaks candidly about both his and his mother’s alcoholism as well as his difficulties with his father in a never-before-seen 1987 interview. Directed by Emmy-winner Robert Trachtenberg (American Masters—Mel Brooks: Make a Noise), this new documentary explores the life and legend of this iconic performer, revealing a man far more complex than his public persona. 90 minutes.




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