Broken Places

Roger Weisberg Biography

Air date: 04/06/2020

Roger Weisberg

Peabody- and Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Director

Roger Weisberg joined public television station WNET as a staff Producer in 1976. Since 1982 when he founded an independent production company, Public Policy Productions, Weisberg has written, produced and directed 33 documentaries on a broad range of social, political, and health policy issues. These documentaries aired in primetime on PBS in the U.S., and many were released theatrically and broadcast around the world. Weisberg’s documentaries have won over 150 awards including Peabody, Emmy, and duPont-Columbia awards. While many of his films were observational documentaries without narrators, others were hosted by prominent actors including Meryl Streep, Helen Hayes, and James Earl Jones, as well as distinguished journalists including Marvin Kalb and Walter Cronkite. Weisberg received an Academy Award nomination in 2001 for Sound and Fury and in 2003 for Why Can’t We Be a Family Again?