American Masters (2010 Season) – LENNONYC


Air date: 10/09/2020

American Masters LENNONYC



Writer and Director:  Michael Epstein

Producers:  Susan Lacy, Jessica Levin and Michael Epstein

Executive Producers:  Stanley Buchthal, Michael Cohl and Susan Lacy

Editors:  Ed Barteski and Deborah Peretz

Director of Photography: Michael Chin

Associate Producer: Emma Pildes

Director of Archival Research: Amilca Palmer

Director of Graphic Design: Brian Oakes


For American Masters:


Series Creator and Executive Producer: Susan Lacy

Series Producer: Prudence Glass

Supervising Producer: Julie Sacks


A co-production of Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right Production, Dakota Group, Ltd., and THIRTEEN’s American Masters in association with WNET.ORG for PBS