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Pratt Institute

Friday, June 15th, 2012
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Treasures of New York celebrates 125 years of Pratt Institute, located in the heart of Brooklyn and recognized worldwide as an influential institution of art and design.

Treasures goes inside the prestigious college to discover its vibrant Brooklyn history through the eyes of the two men who “built” it; industrialist Charles Pratt, who founded the school in 1887, and Dr. Thomas F. Schutte, who has been articulating Pratt’s vision since he became the school’s President in 1993.

From its inception through the 21st century, Pratt has counted among its faculty those whose works became the lexicon of industrial design. Eva Zeisel’s Museum Dinnerware, Morison S. Cousins’ Promax Compact Hairdryer, and Karim Rashid’s reusable Bobble Water Bottle are all part of the archive of the Museum of Modern Art. Pratt also helped develop such versatile artistic sensibilities that included Pamela Colman Smith’s The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and Jeremy Scott’s avant-garde fashion.

  • Tina Grande Ampudia

    I am a very proud mom of a future student of Pratt…Congratulations it is a wonderfull video
    Thank you
    Tina Grande Ampudia

  • Chookiat Likitpunyarut

    Great, Remind me all the good time at Pratt. I think Pratt people are around the world.
    In Thailand we also got Pratt Alumni group. Thank for the even.

  • Christina Sweeney

    This production taught me things about Pratt that I didn’t know, even though I went there!

  • C.Braxton Valentine III

    I want to say how impressive & positive an experience I had over there recently. Having been in either a dormatory or a barracks for most of the front half of my life; bringing my eighteen year old daughter over there from Richmond, Virginia seemed like a good idea as she begins he dorm life over in S.C. this fall.
    Seeing such a small family gathering was somewhat unfortunate. I just guess that other years will be better / happier opportunities for us all.
    I am with every best wish to all of you,
    Braxton Valentine.