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Building Stories

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
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In collaboration with The Real Deal, Treasures of New York: Building Stories reveals the private life and the creative process of Costas Kondylis, an architect who has arguably done more to directly influence the city’s skyline than any other person currently active in New York —business tycoons, major developers and mayors included. The film follows Kondylis’ career and shows the battle between artistic expression and the bottom line, and gives a critical examination of what it takes to design a building and gain its approval in the high-powered world of New York City real estate.

The film features development moguls Donald Trump, Larry Silverstein, and Aby Rosen; founding editor of Dwell magazine, Karrie Jacobs; architecture critics and historians, James Gardner, Francis Morrone, and Kenneth Frampton; and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier.

Building Stories is produced by Amir Korangy, directed by Toni Comas, and written by Stuart Elliott of The Real Deal magazine.

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  • alexia

    very interesting thanx for sharing the knowledge!

  • Ellyn Romano


  • Troy Bent

    Thirteen needs to do more documentaries like Building Stories. I saw this movie two days ago and I was amazed by the quality and the difference from this movie compared to other stuff they are airing. Great movie. I am an architect and I recommended it to all of my clients and even to people who are not architects, because it’s a rich and informative story. Kostas’ story as an immigrant to the throne of NYC architecture was something that would be Hollywood worthy. Thank you for broadcasting it, but please give your viewers more of the same.