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WNET Statement Regarding Pension Initiative

We wish to correct the record regarding the recent article about WNET’s pension initiative.

WNET has been an independent media organization for over 50 years and we are scrupulous about our editorial objectivity.

The Arnold Foundation is a supporter of this initiative, which has been clearly disclosed on the three PBS NewsHour Weekend broadcasts (produced by WNET) that have included segments funded through this project.

Our standards demand that no funder can have editorial control. We do not consult with the Arnold Foundation – or any other underwriter – on our choice of stories and we offer reporting that is even-handed, transparent and thought-provoking.

We believe the quality and fairness of our work speaks for itself.

You can see the prominent placement of the on-air funding credits as they appeared here:

  • zagatosz

    Please note that WNET has blocked any comments critical of its position and conflicts of interest .

    • AllSeasonRadial

      Yup. My comment was “unapproved” according to my Disqus dashboard. LOL, I thought it was inoffensive. Removing public discourse doesn’t do much to improve my personal view of the situation, and will certainly only increase discussion in other fora. But hey, if it’s not here, it doesn’t really exist, right?

  • Joe

    Oh, c’mon WNET and get real. We know you don’t have to consult with your under-writers directly for their disproportionate role in your organization to bias your content. You act in accord with market and commercial paradigms that are antithetical to public culture, and that is enough to censor and discipline you in ways befitting your wealthiest donors.

  • Ksen Pallegedara

    So, was taking Arnold’s money and producing programming in line with his ideology worth the damage to the PBS brand?

  • R. Millis

    The use of corporate $$s by PBS and affiliates has been going on for some time, as you folks may know.
    While some pressure was applied when we learned of the Arnold Foundation’s intentions, you will observe the continued corporatocracy of PBS with their Newshour show.
    I have tried several times for an open record from PBS the number of corporations and their amounts given to PBS in the past, present, and future.
    To no avail. There is a veil of secrecy about PBS that should make viewers very wary of what is being stated on the Newshour, and lengthy tv documentaries like the Arnold’s of this world.
    Everyone who recognizes how corporatized PBS has become should tell all friends/relatives/colleagues never to make donations to the company. It’s simply throwing their $$ down the toilet.

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