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Why Do You Support THIRTEEN?

BY Cathy Lee Astuto
Friday, July 19th, 2013

I love Ch 13 for being unique for many reasons. I love the music programs, the REAL news, the nature programs are dazzling and the people who interview thought provoking and fascinating people. I could go on for hours, but in short…..Just this last week I learned about climate activist, Tim De Christopher interviewed by Bill Moyers. I learned how other people were just as concerned with this grave problem and it gave me a renewed sense of hope. I also really enjoyed Sherman Alexie’s interview only to find out he wrote my favorite movie, “Smoke Signals”. There have been so many fine interviews done by Mr. Moyers as well as Charlie Rose. Mr. Rose has such a diverse group of personalities on his show. The programs such as Super Brain stimulate and provoke conversation. The children’s programs are educational and fun for children. Working with children in public school can be challenging, but when kids watch Word World in computer class for the first time it’s delightful to see how much they enjoy learning.There are so many programs over the years I have enjoyed I am at a loss to remember them all. I would like to thank Channel 13 for celebrating learning and being there in the midst of the brain-dead television offered on the rest of the stations.

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