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Why Do You Support THIRTEEN?

Famous fans share why THIRTEEN is important to them.
Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by sharing why you love THIRTEEN and public television. A favorite program? A childhood memory? Tell us what makes THIRTEEN and PBS unique.

Latest Stories

  • Lorraine Huntington Sta., NY
    Where to begin? I became devoted to channel 13 when I was in high school, and remember watching performances by Cat Stevens, Leon Russell and his hippy-dippy entourage (including Emily- the inspiration for his song … More »
  • John Steinmetz John Steinmetz
    John Steinmetz
  • JANET Elmwood Park, NJ
    Memories of my children watching all of the wonderful offerings for kids on 13 are clear in my mind! Thank you for responsible, intelligent programs.
  • Valerie Smith Old Saybrook, CT
    I discovered channel 13 (our channel 17) when I moved from Chicago (and watching WTTW/Channel 11) to Connecticut five years ago this Thanksgiving, and have come to enjoy watching the Britcoms on Saturday night, as … More »
  • Kathy Lynbrook, NY
    I watched a fabulous George Harrison special one night. That was the night I made my first donation to Channel 13. Later I went out drinking, got drunk and crashed my car. I made it … More »
  • Sherelle Norwalk, CT
    I grew up outside Chicago and channel 11 was one of my favorite programs. I loved the loved the honesty, the history, the entertainment and the variety. I became a member when I moved to … More »
  • Ben Smith Brooklyn, NY
    What I love about THIRTEEN & PBS is the amazing diversity of programs. Most channels lock you into a specific genre or niche of shows. But PBS offers such diversity. Get this… On Sunday nights … More »
  • Brian New York, NY
    13 rocks.
  • Amy D-L
    New Yorkers of a certain age, myself proudly included, remember the HUGE TV set being rolled into our classrooms to watch Channel 13’s programs in the 60s. Black and white scientists told us about the … More »
  • Kelly
    Growing up in New York during the 80s to the mid-90s, Thirteen was a staple of my childhood. From Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Square One TV, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? to Mystery!, … More »