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Why Do You Support THIRTEEN?

Famous fans share why THIRTEEN is important to them.
Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by sharing why you love THIRTEEN and public television. A favorite program? A childhood memory? Tell us what makes THIRTEEN and PBS unique.

Latest Stories

  • Vincent Arguimbau Darien, CT
    My Libertarian Comments Blog of today: I saw Justice Anton Scalia on Charlie Rose a few nights ago. I was inclined toward lukewarm support because of his Strict Constructionist label as I always had trouble … More »
  • Sara Levine New York, NY
    Channel 13 was the only channel my parents let me watch (at certain points during my childhood. Anyway, I grew up on Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Zoom. Now, as an adult, Channel 13 … More »
  • Constance Haydock Locust Valley NY
    Big Bird and Elmo rock!
  • Eileen Gaffney Green Fernandina, FL
    Happy 50th Anniversary, Channel THIRTEEN! At a time when there is so much disinformation & misinformation on many of the other channels, PBS NewsHour is reliably steady, balanced, and excellent in its reporting. I admire … More »
  • john n.y.
    Happy 50 th Birthday Thirtheen! I rememeber alot of your children’s programming, and being a kid at heart. I still have fond memories of Sesame Street, as I grew up with it. Even after all … More »
  • David S. Levine Hobe Sound, FL
    Grew up in NYC and watched Channel 13 often. As I watched this documentary I was totally offended by its raw racism. When you say that there was no “diversity” on television because there were … More »
  • Margie Green Brook, NJ
    I absolutely support Thirteen!! My first child was raised on Thirteen’s programming, born in 1972. All of my children have watched Sesame Street, and Mister Rogers growing up, and I too enjoyed the programming for … More »
  • Norma Garbo New York, NY
    Thank you for showing Pioneers of THIRTEEN: The ’60s: Experimental Days !! I had waited 41 years to see John and Yoko in their performance piece on Free Time. I was in the audience that … More »
  • Lucille E Rogers North Bergen, NJ
    For many years I dated an extremely intelligent man who educated me on a many subjects. When he died I felt a great void in my life. I’m not a great reader and so for … More »
  • dora NY
    I have my children and I thx to PBS because they learned the basic to be ready to start school they watched this chanel early in the morning and in the afternoon…I also enjoy watching … More »