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Why Do You Support THIRTEEN?

Famous fans share why THIRTEEN is important to them.
Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by sharing why you love THIRTEEN and public television. A favorite program? A childhood memory? Tell us what makes THIRTEEN and PBS unique.

Latest Stories

  • Joann McKee Jersey City, NJ
    Just re-joined in appreciation for Makers. Thanks.
  • Sam Herzog Jericho, NY
    Downton Abbey is just abolutely marvelous. I don’t feel like I am watching a performance; I feel like I am part of the family. I have never felt this way about any production
  • Maggi Riordan Navesink, NJ
    Growing up, we had so many things from Thirteen (umbrellas, tote bags, and a Sesame Street monster record), because my parents were ardent supporters. When I had my daughter 13 years ago, I knew that … More »
  • Daniel Werner New York, NY
    Programs like Bill Moyers, Frontline and the Newshour to name a few. I like the practice of freedom of ideas. High brow and low brow stuff. There is room for everybody!
  • Joe Howard Brooklyn, NY
    Ive been watching 13 since I was a child. Its thought provoking, challenging, and wonderfully entertaining all in one place. Much time has passed, nothing has changed. My thanks to everyone there achieving this over … More »
  • Duane Mazey New York
    You are doing the most important work the news media can do: examine the mass shootings, the shooters and the victims. And the nova work on brain examination. Still, guns kill, that what they are … More »
  • LENORE Oaklander new york,ny 10025
  • Carol Yankay New York, New York
    Thank you so much for the wonderful programs. This, WLIW and NJTV ( which repeats your programs are the only channels we watch at my house. Thank you again. Carol Yankay
  • Pablo Narvaez Brooklyn, N.Y
    Because in a world that appears increasingly more chaotic and unstable, THIRTEEN provides a reassurance that there are possibilities for a better future. This glimmer of hope is based on the history that all peoples … More »
  • Diane Mason New York, NY
    Programming like Bill Moyers & Co! – boy do we Americans NEED perspectives like his – and Downton Abbey for excellent entertainment – which however tho’ it’s been sensitive about homosexuality still cast the gay … More »