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Why Do You Support THIRTEEN?

Famous fans share why THIRTEEN is important to them.
Celebrate our 50th Anniversary by sharing why you love THIRTEEN and public television. A favorite program? A childhood memory? Tell us what makes THIRTEEN and PBS unique.

Featured Story

Doris Myers, Bronx, New York

I was born in Nicaragua in the 70s and have memories of watching the Latin American version of Sesame Street there, learning my letters. When we came to the United States, my parents were so grateful for PBS and Channel 13, because my sister and I could continue watching the educational programming that they were familiar with. To this day I tear up just hearing the Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. As I got older, we were allowed to watch other channels but we always turned to PBS. One of my clearest memories was a Holocaust documentary that Elizabeth Tayor narrated; I saw it when I was very young girl. At the time, I had no idea that the Holocaust had happened. It changed my life. To this day, we watch Thirteen and our other local Tri-State PBS stations, and now my child is growing up with your programming. I love you guys! As long as we can afford it, no matter what, we will always support Thirteen.

Nadine Renazile

As a young immigrant newly arrived from Haiti, my father insisted that our family only watch PBS. He was adamant that this was the only proper way to learn to speak and enunciate the English language. I have been watching Masterpiece Theatre for thirty-seven years and nothing else on television gives me greater satisfaction; it has also turned me, this French speaking Haitian, into an anglophile. Wishing you continued success!

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  • Frances Darwin Newmarket, Ontario
    I’m supporting you because I grew up watching Sesame Street and because your #TVGONEWRONG campaign is FANTASTIC. Who knew that a TV ad about a TV ad could be 100% PSA? So needed.
  • Jamie T Deming Oyster Bay, NY
    Even when we lived recently in another state (Texas) for three years, I felt connected to my “media home” by watching PBS Newshour. I was reassured by the program’s unbiased reporting of the news and … More »
  • mb Raritan NJ
    I love to travel. My husband and I always enjoy the travel shows you feature. Rick Steves is a great “tour guide” and provides great info for the reluctant traveler and also the seasoned traveler! … More »
  • Maris Cuneo Redding, CT
    Happy Birthday PBS, my 50th class reunion of an all girls high school, Academy of St. Aloysius, will be next year. I think you for this special on girl groups. It will be something special … More »
  • Mike New York City, NY
    Who was it that called Television a “Vast Wasteland” many years ago?” Well, nothing has changed over the years except that Broadcast TV has gotten even worse with age. Once upon a time we had … More »
  • Elena Schwartz New York
    From history and politics to cooking time and travel you are making super programs, thank you and many years more.
  • Marilyn Bennett Secaucus
    Democracy can not exist without public media like PBS and NPR.