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The City Concealed
The City Concealed, an online video series exploring the unseen corners of New York. Visit the places you don’t know exist, locations you can’t get into, or maybe don’t even want to. Each installment unearths New York’s rich history in the city’s hidden remains and overlooked spaces.

An Introduction

Thanks for checking out The City Concealed. The idea here is a simple one: We take you to historical locations around New York City that are either off-limits to the general public, or are otherwise difficult or impossible to see.

Being an old city, New York has hundreds of overlooked locales to explore. The idea first evolved as Forgotten New York meets Open House New York, only in video form.

Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York was helpful in getting us off the ground. Hopefully, in an upcoming episode, we’ll take a tour somewhere with Kevin. We’ve spoken with everyone from the National Parks Service to the New York Attorney General’s office in order to set up locations for you to see right here at a later date.

We’re going to do these about twice a month and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Throw us in your RSS reader to keep up with our exploits. While you’re at it, tell us where we should go next. We’ll see you at the next stop.

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  • Paul T.

    You guys need to check out that crazy overgrown mental hospital or whatever it is on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island.

  • Sylvia

    Lived in N.Y. almost all of my life (am now 80 years old and never knew about the Newtown Creek!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We need more of this type of information.

  • margaret kalsched

    will this site include your city concealed updates and be automatically e-mailed?

  • margaret kalsched

    delighted to find this site…I love new york

  • Linda M. Jones

    This is a great idea, well executed. I am awaiting the Navy Yard video which was to have been posted at about noon today,January 26. It features my Aunt Rubena Ross who worked there during WWII. I’ll give some more time to make its appearance (smile.)

  • Karen S.

    Wow! Loved this site. Can’t wait to see what else you can find. I am especially interested in concealed Bronx
    sites as one who lived there as a child.