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Mark Brugnoni explores the topic of wall art and the use of city walls as canvas for artworks other than advertisements. This film also explores the works created by City Walls Incorporated on New York City buildings. After the film, Patrick Watson and guests Thomas F. Galvin, Doris Freedman, and John Canaday discuss their opinions of wall art. 215th edition of The 51st State.

Street art -- New York (N.Y.)
Art -- Abstract


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Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Dixon, Don

Watson, Patrick

Galvin, Thomas F.
Freedman, Doris
Canaday, John

Other Credits
Adams, John Q. (as Music Supervisor)
Anthes, John (as Graphic Artists)
Barnard, Aubrey (as Assistant Cameraman)
Barnett, Juan (as Videotape Editor)
Barry, John (as Audio)
Baxter, Ernest (as Stage Managers)
Bazadona, Michael (Associate Director)
Becker, Karen (as Graphic Artists)
Benson, Terry (as Stage Managers)
Besink, Nick (as Video)
Blanck, Peter (as Assistant Cameraman)
Boyer, Rudy (as Assistant Cameraman)
Bresnan, Richard (as Graphic Artists)
Caravella, Victor (as Video)
Chekmayan, Ara (Film Editor)
Chumbley, Leonard (Technical Director)
Clifton, Chuck (as Film Cameraman)
Contento, Al (Film Editor)
Cristodoulou, Jon (as Sound)
Dalrymple, Chris (as Film Expeditor)
DeJan, Charles (as Videotape Editor)
Edel, Walter (as Cameramen)
Ferro, Ron (as Engineering Maintenance)
Foresta, Tony (as Film Cameraman)
Fort, William C. (as Make Up)
Fouser, Don (Coordinating Producer)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Hankal, Robert (as Stage Managers)
Hanley, Francis X. (as Audio)
Hanley, Frank (as Vidifont)
Hashii, Virginia (as Sound)
Hewitt, Wallace (as Graphic Artists)
Holden, Anton (Film Editor)
Jackson, Bob (Film Editor)
Kinard Jr., John (Lighting Director)
Kochler, William (as Cameramen)
Levey, Charles (as Film Cameraman)
MacAndrew, Gail (Associate Producer)
Marinelli, Rudy (Film Editor)
Mastrojohn, Dino (as Telecine)
McCarther, Ray (Film Editor)
Milkin, Howard (Film Editor)
Molina, Danny (as Cameramen)
Mull, Martin (as Theme Music)
Palmer, Wayne (as Vidifont)
Patton, Jesse (as Film Sound Mix)
Pavicevic, Nicky (as Film Sound Mix)
Peck, Charles Nelson (as Sound)
Pellegrino, Mike (Film Editor)
Pisciotta, Tony (as Cameramen)
Polizzotto, Frank (as Cameramen)
Santiago, James (as Graphic Artists)
Schorn, Fred (as Videotape Editor)
Schumka, Ted (as Graphic Artists)
Schwartz, Jed (as Graphic Artists)
Shirley, Don (as Scenic Designer)
Slutsky, Laura (as Production Assistant)
Tornello, Frank (Film Editor)
Tscherny, George (as Graphic Consultant)
Vasak, Bill (as Assistant Cameraman)
Zeiden, Howard (as Sound Transfer)
Zemalkowski, Bob (as Film Laboratory)

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