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John Hamilton reports on Mayor Beame and Governor Rockefeller meeting to discuss the city?s potential transit fare hike. Benita Eisler reports from the strike at the Museum of Modern Art and presents the opinion of the museum staff and administration. In the studio, Dorothy Brown reports on the funeral of Tyman Niass, leader of the Black Liberation Army. A second look at Selwyn Raab?s investigative report on Methadone clinics practices was shown with an update on Methadone Maintenance Health Program (MMHP), a Methadone clinic in Harlem. An in studio discussion with Raab, Hamilton and guests Arnold Reagan, one of the clinic owners, and Robert Newman follows the Methadone report.

Transportation Fares -- New York (N.Y.)
Strikes and lockouts -- Metropolitan Museum of Art
Niass, Tyman -- Black Liberation Army
Methadone maintenance -- New York (N.Y.)


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Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Hamilton, John

Newman, Dr. Robert (Methadone Clinic Update)
Reagan, Dr. Arnold (Methadone Clinic Update)

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Brown, Dorothy (Reporter, Police Brutality)
Hamilton, John (Reporter, Transit Fair Hike)
Raab, Selwyn (Reporter, Methadone Clinic Update)

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