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Open has instrumental-only theme music. Al Levin reports on an anti-monopoly suit filed by New York City against General Motors, which charges that GM has a 100% monopoly over city buses. George Reycraft, Chief Counsel for New York City, and Theodore Kheel, Arbitrator for New York City, are interviewed, as well as Bradford Snell, Legal Consultant for New York City. Several shots of buses in Columbus Circle. Betsy Marston reports on gynecological issues and effective strategies for women dealing with the medical profession. After her report, Judy Graham, from the Women's Medical Center, and Susan Reverby, from the Health Policy Advisory Center, speak with Marston in the studio.

General Motors Corporation
Monopoly policy
Women's Health


Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Willis, Jack

Almond, Peter
Batten, Tony
Bernstein, Penny
Finley, Ron
Gilson, Gary
Glauber, Stephen
Gordon, Barbara
Ivie, Ardie
Kamen, Jeff
Kotuk, Richard
Levin, Al
Levenson, Hal
Marston, Betsy
McBride, Fern
Parsons, John
Porambo, Ron
Raab, Selwyn

Watson, Patrick

Norton, Eleanor Holmes ("Canarsie")
Graham, Ross ("Abortion debate")
Shack, Barbara ("Abortion debate")

Other Credits
Abecassis, Andree (as Reporter)
Ardin, Milagros (as Reporter)
Brooks, Bettina (as News Staff)
Buckley, Brian (as News Staff)
Callahan, Daniel (as Reporter)
Clifford, Judy (as Reporter)
Collins, Tom (as City Editor)
Cozzell, Michael (as Reporter)
Dana, Alice (as Reporter)
Dane, Isabella (as Reporter)
Francis, Diedre (as Reporter)
Gesner, Clark ("World Trade Center")
Giudici, Carry (as News Staff)
Graf, Richard (as Managing Editor)
Jansen, Gail (as Reporter)
Krakenberg, Nancy (as News Staff)
Martorano, Steve (as Reporter)
Mena, Maria (as Reporter)
Peter, Laurie (as News Staff)
Rechani, Sally (as News Staff)
Romano, Linda (as News Staff)
Scourby, Alexander ("World Trade Center")
Sterner, Beverly (as Reporter)

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