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American Labor: Is America Working?

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?American Labor? is a workers? perspective on the system, focusing on a Washington labor rally which was broken up by dissidents; studio interviews with working-class people and economists give perspective to the situations. Films featured include: ?Is American Working?? by Rosanne Allessandro, Gary Gilson, and Richard Kotuk with clips from ?The Inheritance? courtesy of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, and ?Where do we go from Here?? featuring workers speaking of the job crisis in New York City. With Rosanne Allesandro.

Labor & employment


Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Hyatt, Gordon

Levin, Al (as Producer/Reporter)
Chaykin, Dan (as Producer/Reporter)
Ransom, Ted (as Producer/Reporter)
Feiner, Lisa (as Producer/Reporter)

Fallon, Beth
Harris, Leonard

Renfrey, Pierre ("Who?s System?")
Oronowitz, Stanley ("Who?s System?")

Other Credits
(Production Manager)
Anson, Robert Sam (as Political Correspondent)
Chekmayan, Ara (?Is America Working??)
Clark, Leslie (as Researcher)
Dane, Isabella (Associate Producer)
Edwards, John (Associate Director)
Fager, John (?Is America Working??)
Foresta, Tony (?Is America Working??)
Gale, David (Research)
Garris, Raenelle (Research)
Goldberg, MarkGross, Martin L. (Technical Director)
Levey, Charles (?Is America Working??)
Milito, Sebastian (as Photographer, "Is America Still Working?")
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (Associate Producer)
Peaslee, Richard (as Musical Theme)
Replogle, Bruce (as Producation Assistant, ?Is America Working??)
Schaef, Nancy E. K. (as Production Coordinator)
Weidman, Carolyn (as Production Assistant)

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