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Transportation in New York
Episode #24

Episode Description
Transportation in New York: "The Saga of the 2nd [Second] Avenue Subway"; an examination of the controversial proposals for the West Side Highway; advice on how to reach the area's three major airports via cheap public transit--along with a mail-offer brochure showing the routes (2,000 responses); historic footage on the future of the automobile as envisioned by General Motors in the 1950's. Films featured include: "Controlled Folly" by Bialik Kinetic Celluloid, "The Future and Other Concerns" by General Motors, "The Saga of the 2nd [Second] Avenue Subway" by A. J. Mikhitarian and Craig Mikhitarian, "Westway: The Solution or the Problem?" with Leonard Harris, "Cars, Cars, Terrible, Wonderful Cars" by Robert Sam Anson, "Getting to the Airport Cheap.." by Ken Baron, and "The Singing Bus Driver" by Richard Kotuk.

Transportation -- New York (N.Y.)
General Motors Corporation


Production Company

Copyright Holder
Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Hyatt, Gordon

Kotuk, Richard (as Producer/Reporter)
Ransom, Ted (as Producer/Reporter)
Feiner, Lisa (as Producer/Reporter)
Chaykin, Dan (as Producer/Producer)
MacAndrew, Gail (as Producer, Westside Highway)
Fager, John (as Producer, Westside Highway)
Baron, Ken (as Producer, Airport for 70 Cents)

Fallon, Beth

Other Credits

Anson, Robert Sam (as Political Correspondent)
Barnard, Aubrey (as Film Camera, Second Avenue Subway)
Blanck, Peter (as Film Camera, Second Avenue Subway)
Chekmayan, Ara (Bus Driver)
Chekmayan, Ara (Second Avenue Subway)
Chumbley, Leonard (Technical Director)
Clark, Leslie (Research)
Dane, Isabella (Associate Producer)
Dejan, Patricia (as Still Photographs, Second Avenue Subway)
Edwards, John (Associate Director)
Engel, Chris (as Graphics, Airport for 70 Cents)
Fager, Dan (Associate Producer)
Foresta, Tony (as Film Camera, Second Avenue Subway)
Gale, David (as Researcher)
Garris, Raenelle (as Researcher)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Harris, Leonard (as Correspondent, Westside Highway)
Levey, Charles (as Film Camera, Second Avenue Subway and Bus Driver)Mikhitarian, A. J. (as Newsreel Voice, Second Avenue Subway)
Mikhitarian, Craig (Second Avenue Subway)
Museum of the City of New York (as Still Photographs, Second Avenue Subway)
New York Historical Society (as Still Photographs, Second Avenue Subway)
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (Associate Producer)
Peaslee, Richard (as Musical Theme)
Pellegrino, Mike (Airport for 70 Cents)
Sampson, Walter (Airport for 70 Cents)

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