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?Governor Byrne Tries Honesty? by Jerome Wilson probes Byrne?s struggle with the Trenton State legislature over his proposed income-tax for New Jersey; ?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene? by Joelle Shefts profiles the last synagogue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn being crowded out by a newly-arrived black Christian community; ?A Race Apart? by Ted Ransom studies the Ramapo Mountain People, the so-called ?Jackson Whites?; Howard Tuckner and guests Ralph Parada, James Haughton, and Irving Levine discuss the changing ethnic priorities in the current recession, in a segment titled, "Minorities: The New Majority".

Byrne, Brendan -- Office of the Governor -- New Jersey
Synagogues -- Fort Greene -- Brooklyn (N.Y.)
Ramapo -- New York (State)
Recessions -- New York (State)


Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Hyatt, Gordon

Kotuk, Richard
Ransom, Ted
Chaykin, Dan (as Producer/Reporter)
Feiner, Lisa (as Producer/Reporter)
MacAndrew, Gail (?Discussion?)

Tuckner, Howard (as Senior Correspondent)

Parada, Ralph ("Minorities: The New Majority")
Haughton, James ("Minorities: The New Majority")
Levine, Irving ("Minorities: The New Majority")

Other Credits
Anson, Robert Sam (as Political Correspondent)
Armstrong, Kay (?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene?)
Blanck, Peter (?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene? and ?Ramapo Mountain People?)
Chumbley, Leonard (Technical Director)
Clark, Leslie (Research)
Dane, Isabella (?Discussion?)
Edwards, John (Associate Director)
Foresta, Tony (?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene? and ?Ramapo Mountain People?)
Gale, David (Research)
Gardner, William C. (as Production Assistant)
Garris, Raenelle (Research)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Hashii, Ginny (?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene?)
Jackson, Bob (?Ramapo Mountain People?)
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Orner, Eric (?The Last Synagogue in Fort Greene?)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (Associate Producer)
Peaslee, Richard (as Musical Theme)
Puglisi, Bob (?Ramapo Mountain People?)
Schaef, Nancy E. K.(as Production Coordinator)

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