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Thanksgiving: exploring food and nutrition with three films: ?Into the Mouths of Babes? by Marc Brugnoni explores the junk food diets of high-school students in Dumont, New Jersey; ?What do the elderly eat?? by Isabella Dane explores the limitations of diet faced by the urban poor; ?Civilization, Whoa!? by Dan Chaykin explores the discoveries of food sources through a block-square working farm in downtown Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Nutritionists Paul A. LaChance and Joan Gussow of Rutgers and Columbia discuss eating habits in a segment titled "After Dinner".



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Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Colgan, Mick

Executive Producer
Hyatt, Gordon

Kotuk, Richard (as Producer/Reporter)
Chaykin, Dan (as Producer/Reporter)
Ransom, Ted (as Producer/Reporter)
Feiner, Lisa (as Producer/Reporter)

Tuckner, Howard (as Senior Correspondent)

Lachance, Dr. Paul ("After Dinner")
Gussow, Joan ("After Dinner")

Other Credits

Anson, Robert Sam (as Political Correspondent)
Armstrong, Kay (as Location Sound)
Barnard, Aubrey (as Assistant Film Cameras)
Besink, Nick (as Audio)
Blanck, Peter (as Assistant Film Cameras)
Blanck, Peter (as Cameras, ?What the Elderly Eat?)
Caravella, Victor (as Video)
Carucci, Ciro (as Studio Cameras)
Chekmayan, Ara (as Film Editor, ?Teen Age Diet?)Chumbley, Leonard (Technical Director)
Clark, Leslie (?New Jersey Farm?)
Dane, Isabella (Associate Producer)
DiSanto, Guido (as Assistant Film Editor)
Edel, Walter (as Studio Cameras)
Edwards, John (Associate Director)
Foresta, Tony (as Camera, ?Teen Age Diet? and ?New Jersey Farm?)
Gale, David (?Teen Age Diet?)
Gardner, William C. (as Production Assistant)
Garris, Raenelle (Research)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Holden, Anton (?New Jersey Farm?)
Hopkins, Jim (as Videotape Editors)
Levey, Charles (as Cameras, ?What the Elderly Eat? and ?New Jersey Farm?)
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Orner, Eric (?What the Elderly Eat?)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (Associate Producer)
Palmer, Wayne (as Vidifont)
Peaslee, Richard (as Musical Theme)
Pekurney, Paul (as Videotape Editors)
Polizzotto, Frank (as Studio Cameras)
Schaef, Nancy E. K. (as Production Coordinator)
Wax, Robert (as Videotape Editors)

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