The 51st State
Episode #31

Episode Description
"The Battered Wives" examines women who were beaten by the men in their lives; "Nevelson: 75" is a salty interview with the renowned American sculptor; A viewer quiz examines the psychological threats posed by vacations; A film reports on the the last anti-war rally in Central Park.

Domestic violence
Nevelson, Louise, 1899-1988
Vietnam War, 1961-1975


Copyright Holder
Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Colgan, Mick
Schultz, Victoria (A War is Over)

Executive Producer
Hyatt, Gordon

Chaykin, Dan (as Producer/Reporter)
Feiner, Lisa (as Producer/Reporter)
Kotuk, Richard (as Producer/Reporter)
Ransom, Ted (as Producer/Reporter)
MacAndrew, Gail (Vacation Quiz)
Freedland, Francis (as Producer, A War is Over)
Mikhitarian, Craig (Nevelson at 75)
Mikhitarian, A. J. (Nevelson at 75)

Fallon, Beth

Roy, Maria (Battered Wives)
Bard, Morton (Battered Wives)
Donovan, Sergeant Edwin (Battered Wives)
Kooper, Judge Sybil (Battered Wives)
Sullivan, Dectective John (Battered Wives)
Fields, Marjory (Battered Wives)
Baez, Joan (A War is Over)
Havens, Richie (

Other Credits
Cross, Martin L. (Technical Director)
Cunningham, Glenn (A War is Over)
Dane, Isabella (Associate Producer)
Didato Ph.D., Salvatore (as Prepared by, Vacation Quiz)
Edwards, John (Associate Director)
Fager, John (Associate Producer)
Foresta, Tony (as Film Cameras, Battered Wives)
Freedland, Francis (as Camera, A War is Over)
Gerberg, Mort (as Cartoons by, Vacation Quiz)
Ghiraldini, Robert (as Associate Producer, A War is Over)
Ghiraldini, Robert (as Sound, A War is Over)
Goldberg, Mark (Production Manager)
Haskill, Molly (as Correspondent, Nevelson at 75)
Jackson, Bob (Nevelson at 75)
Kogler, Chris (as Animation, Nevelson at 75)
Levey, Charles (as Film Cameras, Battered Wives)
Morris, Robert (Associate Director)
Nolan, John (Lighting Director)
Ortiz Jr., Eulogio (Associate Producer)
Pellegrino, Mike (Battered Wives)
Schaef, Nancy E. K. (as Production Coordinator)
Schwartz, Joyce (as Still Photography, Nevelson at 75)
The Pace Gallery (as Still Photography, Nevelson at 75)

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