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Part II of Selwyn Raab?s Juvenile Crime Report includes a brief clip of a film produced by Raab on the ?reasons behind the dramatic upsurge of violent crimes committed by children,? which won three awards and is shown before an in studio discussion with Raab and guests Patrick Moloney, Judge Reginald Matthews, Wayne Mucci, and Dr. Charles Rohrs. Tom Collins and Samuel Murray Jr. reports on the ongoing hospital strike; Gordon Weil reports on the collapse of Penn Central Railroad and the potential consolidation and nationalization of the rail system; Crane Davis reports on Chris Borgen?s, WCBS Crime reporter, perspective on covering crime in the news and getting the story.

Juvenile delinquency
Strikes and lockouts -- Hospitals
Crime and the press
New York (N.Y.)


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Colgan, Mick

Raab, Selwyn (Juvenile Crime report)

Anson, Robert Sam

Moloney, Patrick (Juvenile Crime report)
Matthews, Judge Reginald (Juvenile Crime report)
Mucci, Wayne (Juvenile Crime report)
Rohrs, Dr. Charles (Juvenile Crime report)

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