The 51st State
Episode #125

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Marston opens with summary of the Senior Power event in New Jersey. Al Levin investigates the city's claim that General Motors has a monopoly on bus production in New York. He reports on location from the General Motors building in New York while holding a game of Monopoly in his hand and asks passers-by to define monopoly in their own words. He also interviews bus drivers, repair supervisors, passengers and New York City Counsel on the issue. In the studio, Al Levin and Patrick Watson discuss the story. Next, Jim Brown and George Stoney film "Bounty Hunters #3" (from production file notes) reporting on the illegal filling of the Hudson River in Yonkers follows. Yonkers residents and community activists complain that their attempts to file complaints through proper channels go unheeded. In the studio, Patrick Watson urges the Powers That Be to do the right thing and investigate the problem.

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Colgan, Mick

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Willis, Jack

Marston, Betsy
Levin, Al
Brown, Jim
Stoney, George

Marston, Betsy
Watson, Patrick

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Watson, Patrick (Editor)

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