The 51st State

Episode Description
2-section program on Brooklyn political party machine. First section is a black and white documentary-style profile of Brooklyn Democratic District leader Bernie Bloom, second section is a panel discussion that includes Bloom. The documentary shows Bloom running a political party club, doing party buiness in his office and touring polling places on election day 1972. Reporter questions him about the influence of political party clubs. The second half of the program (in color) is a panel discussion moderated by host Patrick Watson with Bernie Bloom, Martin Berger (Village Independent Democrats), Doug Ireland (campaign manager), Jack Newfield (Village Voice), and Gary Gilson (51st State). Bloom defends party clubs, is criticized for cronyism and perpetuating the patronage system.

Gilson, Gary

Watson, Patrick

Bloom, Bernie
Berger, Martin
Ireland, Doug
Newfield, Jack

Other Credits
Gilson, Gary (Writer)
Levey, Charles (Camera Operator)
Milkin, Howard (Editor)

Digital Beta

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