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Telling the Truth — The Best in Broadcast Journalism


From the iconic exchanges between Katie Couric and Sarah Palin – to the dramatic story of one of the army’s most successful recruiters – to a local news team uncovering an underworld of prescription drugs, the 2010 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards once again honor the best in broadcast journalism. Host Maria Hinojosa goes behind-the-scenes with award-winning reporters and producers to examine how their stories came to be and why they continue to be impactful.

The 2010 awards also bring a number of highlights: for the first time, Katie Couric goes on the record about her memorable interviews with Sarah Palin. In addition, six local television stations were awarded the silver baton – the highest number of local reports to win in more than two decades. And 2010 is the first year in which the duPont Awards recognized a web-based production – in the form of Jonathan Togovnick’s multimedia effort that tells the harrowing stories of rape survivors from the Rwandan genocide.

Watch TELLING THE TRUTH – THE BEST IN BROADCAST JOURNALISM – an insightful look into the work of reporters and producers as they uncover injustice and chase down important stories.

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  • PhilipJames

    Where are the hours of the interviews that were edited out? Did Couric actually believe the liberal bs lie that the LSM spread that Sarah Palin did not read anything when she flipped off that question by her about what she read?
    Can we get the entire transcript of all the interviews that Couric conducted over several days with Sarah Palin? Would like to see how much they were edited… something like how the interview with Charles Gibson was edited and clipped to smear Palin (we finally got the entire transcripts on that one and it is clear it was severely edited to attack Palin… go find it yourself).
    I would not believe anything Nicolle Wallace says since she was one who put a knife in the back of John McCain along with Steve Schmidt… two low life sewer dwellers who move easily through the slimy, sleazy Washington cocktail circuit licking each others buttocks for the money.

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