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Will Barnet
Posted: January 10th, 2011

For eight decades, Will Barnet has had one of the most distinguished careers in american art — his paintings, drawings, and prints are in major museums around the world — and on the eve of his 100th birthday he is still creating the works of a true American master.

  • edith

    Thank you for your excellent show and much needed show.
    Will Barnet is a true treasure and inspiration for all. Selecting him for your show was a lovely tribute to a man that has done so much for the arts. He is admired and loved by all artists. To those that have not known of him this spot was a gift. Thank you, Edith Rae Brown

  • sydel ackerman

    Had Barnet as an instructor in the 40’s in undergraduate school and loved his work and knew he was special. I have enjoyed his work and the different forms/ stages it has taken through the years and am so happy that he is receiving the tributes from the art world that he so deserves.

  • Stell Shevis

    I am disapointed not to see the film of Will Barnet…My husband and I ,both artists,met him a couple of years ago in Maine, where we live, at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and had a good chat as we both in our late 90’s, remember many of the same artists and events as he did. Nice man!

  • charlotte maloney

    Its to know that an artist can continue being an artist late in life. I teach art to college students and at 68 think my life as an artist is over. but if I compare my life to Will Barnet I still have 32 left as an artist

  • Gloria McLean

    Will, we miss you. How wonderful that Mr. Barnet’s spirit and aesthetic has been captured, at least a little bit, on this film. Gloria McLean

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