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Young Opera: Eric Barry
Posted: March 31st, 2008

Meet Eric Barry, the “Pavarotti of the panhandle”, hear his thoughts on live theater and music, and watch him perform Verdi’s “La Donna É Mobile” from RIGOLETTO.

  • Glen Salbach

    Watcha think of this guy?

  • Jacob

    Wow! Ive never been into Opera really, but once I heard Eric sing, it all changed. He is engaging, entertaining, and an amazing singer. His articulation, his energy, and the quirky looks he gives during his singing made me smile, laugh and throughouly enjoy the piece.

  • Alison

    WOW! He’s fantastic! Where can we see him sing?
    Congratulations Eric.

  • Joyce

    I have been told of Eric’s talent for a long time frm my sister in Sundown, TX, so glad to have the opportunity to hear him. His voice is powerful and beautiful. Great job! Best of luck to you, Eric

  • N. MCConnell

    Oh my…Eric is amazing! I have known for years that he is an amazing man, but this video wows me! How God has blessed him with his talent! Eric you are along way from UIL prose reading!

  • Nicole (McConnell) Kelly

    Eric ~ Amazing, simply amazing! Whoulda thunk it? A small town boy making it big in NYC?!? Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Jed Humphrey

    WOW, Eric! It just gets better and better! Congratulations- can’t wait for more.

  • Ron Fisher

    Eric, my sister Joann from Sundown and a dear friend of your mother sent this to me so that I could listen. She had told me of your singing before and how wonderful it was. You have such power and a great voice. God has truly blessed you! Best wishes to you in all that you.

  • Amy (Dietz) Wright

    I am so proud of you! Jay and I hope to see you on May 17th. Best of luck to you.

  • Jennifer

    Very engaging! I hope to see him live at The Met someday!

  • Gely

    Desde un trocito de España
    Espero que algún dia puedas cantar el Ave Maria de Schubert en la Catedral-Magistral de los Santos Niños, aqui en Alcalá de Henares y que tu voz llegue a todos los rincones de España ¡Felicidades!

  • carmen

    I’m quite fond of opera, although I’ no great expert. I like your voice and I believe you must be capable of acting very well, which will be of great importance also in your career. All the best and good luck!

  • Gregg & Tammy McDonald

    I use to carry you around as a baby and never dreamed what you would become – but who can be surprised with parents like Roy & Mayka! I look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing more of your work. God Bless!


    eiii primoo!! que tal?
    espero que genial!
    estoy deseando verte yaaa!! jooo!! que te veo de mil en mil!
    bueno, no se si entenderas lo que te pongo ^^ espero que lo traducas, o te lo traduca tu madre…me encantan tus caras y obviamente tu voz^^!! sigue asi primo!!!
    un beso grande!!

    I miss you!! =(=(

  • M.B Bernabeu

    Wow! Lucciano Pavarotti once said;” Opera is one of the most important art forms. It should be listened to and appreciated by everyone”. How true that is. Listening to this young tenor made me realize that there is a great future in the world of Opera. What a great talent! Where has he been hiding?……..Looking forward to his debut at the Met in a few years!

  • Blair Fowler

    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard you sing. You were rather impressive then, and a good bit better now-HAHA! FANTASTIC! Best wishes! We’ll see you in the big time some day! God bless!

  • Janie J. King

    Eric, you keep getting better and better!! Gee. how I miss you being in Amarillo!! I am very proud of you and hope to keep touch…..and see you soon!! Love you good and hope you’re lovin’ it there!! You are our Panhandle Pavoritti..Will be going to Austin Friday for Lauren and Justin’s shower on Apr. 12. Can’t believe it is almost time for their wedding…..and Playa del Carmen…….

  • Diann

    My mom is Joann from Sundown and I just got this video, WOW besides being good looking, your voice is God given. Enjoy the short video, can’t wait to hear more.

  • Krishia Shelton

    It is absolutely awesome to see and hear this clip–I can’t wait until the program airs and I can see and hear more!


    Holaaa!!! Bueno, decir que me encanta como cantas^^
    y Que espero que vengas pronto a españa y nos cantes algo!
    un saludo!

  • Dee Ann Ramirez

    Wow! How Awesome! God has truly blessed you with a beautiful voice. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead for you. May God Bless you!

  • Melissa Samarron

    I am in awe of the talent that God has given you. I pray that you continue to receive his blessings and protection in your life. I worked with your mother for several years and she has kept me informed of your success. God be with you and continue on your path.

  • Arantxa

    pues pasaba por aqui y he visto que cantabas super bien…^^

    un beso!!

  • Joy Bailey

    Eric, we are all so proud of you here in Sundown. . .We always knew you were very talented in band, but you kept your voice talent a well-hidden secret! My, how wonderful you are! You are an inspiration to us all–teachers and students alike! Aaron will be glad to hear of your accomplishments, too. . .he is at A&M, and I am going to forward this to him! Keep up the amazing work, Eric! Joy Bailey :)

  • Stephanie Hedges Thomas

    Eric! Amazing! I’m so happy and proud of you. Please keep us informed of any performances you have coming up I would love to attend. Welcome to the big city baby!

  • Dina Gaona

    I work with your Dad here in Sundown at the plant. Dee Ann sent this to me and I just loved it. You have such a wonderful voice. God has blessed you with such a voice. Good luck and May God Bless you always…..

  • joseja

    madre mia!
    que pedazo de contratenor

  • Tege Arant Taylor

    Wow! Eric, I am so proud of you. It is amazing how you have been blessed. I heard you sing at Fairview years ago and was impressed, but my goodness! God has truly given you a marvelous instrument! Keep me posted.

  • Amy

    Really amazing primo! Every time i hear you i really wish i could be there cause i’m sure it sounds even more beautiful in real life. I still hope you can come to sing at my wedding!

  • Helen Ellison

    Eric, This is just AWESOME. I knew you had a great voice even in high school. God is opening doors for you. It will be interesting to keep up with our “Pavarotti of the Plains” from Sundown, TX.
    I’d love to see a performance in person.

  • adonay


  • Elaine Winn

    Oh, Eric! What a blessing to view this video and see what I knew God was doing in your life! The sky’s the limit for you! You’ve come far. God has his hand on your life and is using you for His honor and glory. I look forward to more and more!!

  • Tricia Castillo

    WOW!! That was wonderful! I remember the few times you would sing at Fairview and now the BIG STAGE!! I still see the same Eric behind that big voice and that is unique. Made my day to hear and see something so honest. You are truly talented. May God Bless You Always!

  • Tricia Wilson Bridges

    Absolutely amazing!! I am so happy for all that you have accomplished. Good luck and God Bless

  • JoAnn Barry


  • Michal (Timberlake) Pankratz

    Eric I am so impressed! What incredible talent – I really enjoyed listening to the piece and would really love to see a live performance. I can only imagine all the hard work it has taken to get to where you are now – many congratulations! I look forward to all that is to come!

  • Angie Burruss

    What is there to say,but keep up the good work and continue to seek His will. That was wonderful. Lots of Love

  • joanseliger

    My heart is filled with joy!!! you have a beautiful GIFT!!!!

  • Joann & Robert

    Eric we are so proud of you. I knew you were great when I heard you sing The National Anthem at basketball games and at your church. God has given you a wonderful voice. Keep singing. Remember Philippians 4:13. I hope you get this, I tried to sent one this morning Love To You, The Morgans

  • Robbin Buford

    OH Eric!!! What a blessing I heard when I listened to you sing! You have a presence about you that only God can give!!! Keep singin for Him. Go for the gold!!!!

  • nines

    hola Eric, espero que cuando vengas a España organicemos un fiestorro y podamos, en familia, disfrutar de tu estupenda voz. Soy la cuñada de Rufi y me a encantado escucharte. Sigue así y mucha suerte en tu camino. Besos

  • La Vonne Scharbauer

    This is great….brought tears to my eyes…..not only the voice, but the heart behind the voice… shows!!! Proud as can be of you….You are going to do amazing things….Amarillo Globe News Center is awaiting your arrival on May 17th….all our love, Chris and La Vonne Scharbauer

  • Jack & Shelia Fariss

    Eric, what a wonderful voice you have trained and been blessed with. It is a pleasure to see a young person from our little Sundown do so well in his career. Blessings for your future in your chosen life work.

  • Russel Waters

    Eric, I am specchless, but should not be. I have always felt that you had one of the most amazing voices I have had the pleasure of hearing. I know this is only the beginning and that you will acheive what ever your goals are, because of your work ethic and dedication. God Bless

    PS. I am not an Opera fan, but you may cause me to become one.


    I have seen this guy sing live. He sounds good here, but I’d rather hear him in person. He has so much energy. What a comforting sound. Very nice. It’s rare to find a REALLY good tenor these days.

  • Wayne Wingrove

    Magnifico, Your mother and dad have a great deal to be proud of.

  • Elizabeth Salazar

    Hey Eric, What an amazing voice you have, I knew from the first time I met you when you were just a very young lad, that you had a great talent and a great gift from God. Continue too bless others with the message. Prayers in hand Elizabeth

  • Cynthia Popejoy

    It was so wonderful to see your beautiful face again!! Your voice is such a blessing from God. I pray for God’s favor for your life and that he will open doors for the talent he has given you.
    We love you,
    Cynthia, Ronnie and Michael Popejoy

  • Cynthia Popejoy

    Your voice is such a blessing from God. I pray for God’s favor for your life and that he will open doors for the talent he has given you.
    We love you,
    Cynthia, Ronnie and Michael Popejoy

  • chelo

    Yo soy la tía de esta voz !!!! este pedazo de hombre con esta voz, y estoy segura que su corazón y sus sentimientos son tan grandes y portentosos como su garganta.!!!
    I love for ever !!! From Andorra !!

  • Butch & Roena Davis

    I agree with Nicolo. To see you sing in person is a moving experience. We hope to have the honor of seeing you again. What a wonderful gift from GOD. Love, Butch & Roena Davis

  • Santi Bernabéu

    Sencillamente sublime.

  • Billy Joe & Patricia Collins

    Hey kid, I knew you when you were in diapers…thank you for the wonderful memories of watching you grow-up. We are so very proud of you. Always look to the giver of the gift.

  • Ray Dennis

    Eric, I am from Levelland and work with your dad. My wife and I are in New York from April 20-25 and hope to watch you perform. You truly do have a gift from God and I am sure your parents are very proud.

  • Betty McKay

    You’ve got the figure – you’ve got the voice. I trust you will use it for His glory. I enjoyed listening on a cool afternoon in Scotland.
    It seems a long time since we saw and heard you in Algete!

  • Kathy Roberts

    Eric, you probably don’t remember me, but I went to church at Fairview for a time when you were a teenager. Your mom emailed your newsletter to me and I played it for my coworkers at Hockley Co School Employees CU. We were blown away! What wonderful talent you have. You still have the wonderful personality I remember. Good luck and I know God is guiding your path. Kathy Roberts

  • Velma Baggett

    WOW! We love you and are very proud of you!! We hope to hear you in person some day soon!

  • Rusty Baggett

    What a great voice. We are very proud of you.Never dreamed such talent would come from Sundown.

  • Reuben Mygdal

    Que voz!!! Extraordinaria, mucho exito y felizitacion desde la lejana Israel.

  • Samantha Kelley

    Eric, you are a wonderful person with an incredible talent. You have one of the best voices i have ever heard, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish all your goals and reach the top.
    <3 sam

  • Samantha Kelley

    Eric, you are a wonderful person with an incredible talent. You have one of the best voices I have ever heard. There is no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish all your goals and reach the top.

  • Neal Nossaman

    Eric—you are going to be an international opera star faster than I predicted. I am just blessed to have had the opportunity to play for you! You sound better than ever. Keep up the good work! See you in May.

  • Cindy Blodgett

    I taught in Sundown starting just before you graduated from there. I remember how talented you were in high school with your music and tennis. I am very impressed with this performance and I pray that you will use all of your God-given talents for Him. You have a beautiful family and I know that they and all of your Sundown friends are very proud of you. God bless you.

  • Pilar bravo

    Se me ha puesto la carne de gallina. Muy bueno

  • Shelia Womack

    Eric…..Im speechless…You go ….Bravo….a single standing ovation…I look silly all alone in my office…a tear rolling down my cheek…but OH MAN…You got IT ..Awesome…just so very special…and I pray that your talent takes you to all places youve dreamed of…..Your family ..and friends are ALL so very proud of you…….Bless you Eric…for the Lord has truly given you a talent,that will touch peoples lives…

  • Marisa Pérez

    Una voz extraordinaria que pronto esperamos oir en España.
    Besos de San Martin de Valdeiglesias

  • Pilar Blanco, from Spain

    Eric, we know Papá Mateo’s prediction will come true and we will see you perform at the Royal Opera house in Madrid one day. You have such a wonderful voice and such a passion for music. Listening to you moves me and reaches deep into my soul! WOW! Congratulations on Italy as well!!!!!!!!! We are beginning to see the results of all that hard and relentless work.
    You are so blessed and I continue to pray for you daily. All my love……..Granny Pili

  • Alberto H

    Una voz increible,además de una expresión capaz de transformar un clásico en una obra divertida.
    Un valor seguro para transformar y acercar un género cada vez menos popular al gran público.
    ¡¡Hay que aprobechar todo este talento!!
    Mucha suerte

  • chelo

    I’m lucky be the aunt of this voice,good….. of this man’s piece with wonderful voice.
    I’m sure that his heart is so nice and big as his voice. !!
    Don’t forget it Eric,there are many geniuses inside his lamps,only is necessary to rub to discover them !!!!

  • mike vanzandt

    he has a great voice be glad to hear more from him

  • Jan Winfrey

    Impressive!! What a gift you have. I look forward to reading of the many successes that I know are in your future.

  • Ricky

    Undoubtedly the relief of great Lucciano, impressive voice with talent. I wait to see since in a not very distant future you turn into the modal for many people as ” the voice ” of the opera of the 21st century. Forward, you are the boss. Greetingd from Spain.

  • Aldegundo Nevarez

    Bravo! Your performance shows your great talent and the benefit of all your hard work. I am very happy for you. You have done your parents proud. I wish you the best.

  • Paul Green

    Bravo Ethel and I enjoyed clip. look forward to seeing you live someday Good luck

  • Ben Carter

    Eric,when we heard you sing Amazing Grace last summer I knew then you had a special talent. This is even more impressive ,we hope to see you soon…… and best wishes,…ben & phyllis

  • Carol Gilbreth

    Had any goldfish lately? Is there goldfish in NYC? Eric, the music is awesome!! I could just listen and listen and never get anything done. Look forward to the PBS airing. May God bless and keep you as you work and study. Take care and hope to see you sometime in the future..

  • RUFI

    He tenido el privilegio de oirte cantar en directo y “a capella” cuando estuviste en España y quiero decirte, que tu maravillosa voz te llevará a lo más alto de la lírica mundial; y si Dios quiere, tu llegarás a cantar en El Teatro de la Opera de París, La Scala de Milán y El Real de Madrid. Un beso muy fuerte. Good bless you.

  • Alexandra Losee

    yay caliban!!!!!

  • Ester desde España


  • Noelia

    Tengo que reconocer que no entiendo de ópera, pero eso no a impedido que se me ponga la piel de gallina escuchando la pedazo de voz que tienes. Estoy segura que llegarás donde te propongas. Un beso.

  • charo

    Divino¡¡ ahora entiendo por ké eres tan “grande” desde chikitito¡..estas lleno de talento¡ sigue expulsandolo de esa manera para poder seguir disfrutandote. Lo tienes asegurado, aún así te deseo todo el exito que mereces, VOICE. Muchos besitos españoles, precioso¡¡

  • Ángeles B.R.

    Me encanta el video… no sólo por ese torrente de voz que tienes, sino por la fuerza y seguridad que transmites. Enhorabuena por “The Tempest” y porque hoy es un dia muy especial para tí. ¡Felicidades!

  • Chris

    Wow…. your voice has matured so much! I am in awe at the gift you have been given…

  • guess

    “A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it.” ~Michelangelo
    You must be heard and seen!

  • Ariella Dicompasionata

    Eric is a great person and a kind and genuine man. You can see it in his singing. His talent and ambition will take him far.

  • Ana Fernández Bernabeu

    Enhorabuena, te agradecemos tu maravillosa voz, esperamos poder verte en España, suerte. Besos Ana.

  • Cindi Bradshaw

    Amazing! We just recently learned of your impressive voice talent from Rob’s grandma. We are so happy for you and look forward to hearing more!

  • Tonya Jones

    ERIC – How excited I was to see and hear you! What an amazing voice! If you ever come around Houston to sing please let me know – we don’t live far from there. Do you have any cd’s out? Would love to see you and your wonderful family!! God bless!

  • alex martinez

    hey eric just want to say that u have a great voice i always enjoy to hear you sing.

  • Larry and Dolores Cross

    ERIC—loved listening to your interview and blown away listening to your wonderful voice–what a blessing!! Thanks to grandson, Cory, we are keeping up with you. We enjoyed our times past when you and Cory were performing in TEXAS Production, attending college at W.T., as well as having you in our home. You are special to us and we wish you the best in every way. Jer. 29:11 We hope to see you in Amarillo in October!

  • Larry and Dolores Cross

    ERIC–loved listening to your interview and blown away by your wonderful voice–what a blessing! Thanks to grandson, Cory, we are keeping up with you. You are special to us and we wish you the best in every way.
    Jer 29:11 We hope to see performing in Amarillo in October!

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