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American Masters: Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note
Posted: August 5th, 2008

At the New York Philharmonic, the flags were flown at half-mast. Broadway dimmed its lights. Carnegie Hall announced a week of honorary concerts. And when the funeral procession passed a construction site, the workers removed their hard hats and called out, “Goodbye, Lenny!” The year was 1990 and the world had just lost an artistic giant. Leonard Bernstein was dead at the age of 72. Thirteen/WNET’s award-winning biography series AMERICAN MASTERS presents the critically acclaimed 1998 biography, Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note.

  • Arthur Armstrong

    It’s hard to believe that it is 18 years since he died. I still miss him on the music scene. There will never be another “Lenny”

  • Lisa Brailoff

    When I was in high school I saw the original staging of “Candide” at Royce Hall, UCLA. I had no idea what I would see/hear. The stage was lit, behind a scrim, and actors moved about – then the first 4 notes hit, then the drum, the lights changed and the the scrim turned opaque, and this extraordinary music played. My mouth dropped open and I broke into tears, listening to that overture. I had never heard such glorious, humerous, astonishing music in a theatre and I’ve never forgotton it.

  • Elaine Rubell

    How can I purchase the DVD of Leonard Bernstein’s program?
    It was fabulous!!

  • Elaine Rubell

    P.S.He conducted my choral group at Music Nd Art High School .I got goose pimples.

  • Leonard Cohn

    Will you be showing: American Masters – Leonard Bernstein – Reaching for the Note once again? Having missed it, I am being tormented by friends who tell me how wonderful it is. Please tell me how I can see this documentary.

  • Leonard Cohn

    Please tell me how I can see the American Masters – Leonard Bernstein – Reaching for the Note; having missed it on its recent viewing on Channel 13.

  • Morton Glantz

    How can I purchase the DVD of Leonard Bernstein’s program?
    It was fabulous!!
    Will you be showing: American Masters – Leonard Bernstein again.he Note once again? I missed it and was terribly disappointed. With all the “stuff” on TV, devoting only an hour to one of the greatest musicians of the century should not make PBS produces proud. Also having missed it, Also kindly tell me how I can purchase this documentary. But only the LB DVDE.

  • Morton Glantz

    I missed Leonard Bernstein. Please inform me when you will be airing this wonderful show again in the NYC area chan\nel 21 or channel 13. How can I purchase a DVD of Lenord Bernstein alone?

  • Roy Wagner

    The works of Leonard Bernstein are so diverse; a truly great musical artist. Recently (7/6/08) I saw a great production of Candide at Wolf Trap. The pre-performance talk mentioned how there were several variations/evolutions of the performance. The one I saw was the final version.

  • Natalie Bober

    I would love to purchase a DVD of this program if it exists. Can you tell me where I might find it, please? Can it be purchased through Channel Thirteen?
    Thank you!
    Natalie Bober

  • david marsh

    same as above, when can I purchase DVD of this broadcast

  • Candace Pfau

    You can find it on

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