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Devorah Sperber
Posted: January 20th, 2009

Devorah Sperber is a visual artist who uses thread spools and other everyday items to represent pixels of well-known images. Her work explores the links between art, science and technological change. In this SundayArts Process, she demonstrates the making of a large-scale piece, and discusses the tricks of perception in viewing it.

  • erika meier – tante


  • Eileen Naiman

    you are the greatest Loved thispresetion. Keep it up.

  • David Amar

    Wow, Amazing! That is the coolest art I have ever seen. It is very interesting the way she uses pixelation with the beads, and threads!

  • Kris Garrett

    WOW! What a creative, talented artist! Her work is amazing! I love this!

  • Carla Rae Johnson

    Great segment! Wonderful to see the process in action. Lots of surprises and humor, too. Bravo!

  • Troy / studio2

    Fantastic! Devorah has given us an art that goes beyond the normal medium. From conception to realization, her work keeps us in awe!

  • Bruce Mann

    As a physician, Star Trek fan, and art lover, I cannot imagine a more perfect tessellation of science, art, and historical perspective (ranging from Mona Lisa to Leonard Nimoy). Devorah Sperber does not simply create art, she manifests in tangible form her boundless enthusiasm for the interconnecteness of the universe. A spool of thread leads to the retina, to the occipital cortex, to higher association centers of the neocortex—and just looks pretty to boot. How cool is that?

  • Gillian Jule

    Devorah, love the presentation. thanks for letting me be a part of thread-spool mania

  • Linda Fairchild

    the power of the video…we should do one for B ylle, Jeffrey and John.
    Linda & Charlie, Devorah is an artist who Jeffrey and I know.

  • Alexandra martin

    Devorah, I have been following your amazing work for the past few years (EFA, BMA, mid-town Manhattan office building, etc, etc). You are fabulous and brilliant!

  • Michael Royce

    Devorah Sperber won a NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) fellowship in 2005. Since then we at NYFA have watched her talent continue to grown and transform not only the work we are seeing but our selves as we re-construct what we are seeing and how we see it. It is artists such as Devorah that inspire us to do what we do and NYFA is very proud to have Devorah in our family. Michael Royce, Executive Director, NYFA

  • Michael Schettine

    I have worked directly with Devorha and beyond her passion, her talents she is a fine person, a bold, dedicated women, a pleasure to work with in every since. I wish her my best regards!

  • Rachel Perry Welty

    Wonderful to see the process and to hear from the artist directly. I’ve had the good fortune to be in a traveling show with Devorah, and she’s a smart and generous artist. Great segment, thanks.

  • Lowell Miller

    I remember my mother referring to someone tipsy or ditsy as “pixellated.” Now we know it’s the opposite—if you’re not pixellated you just don’t get it!!

  • RitaSue Siegel

    I went to a seminar at the Museum of Art and Design yesterday and Devorah was on a panel. She is truly brilliant, very articulate and inspiringly passionate about what she does. An amazing woman and a really good artist. Can’t wait to see her future work. She just gets better and bette.

  • cheryl malcom clark

    Dev, Your star trek series is my favorite of your work so far. Your evolution is awesome! Cheryl in Denver

  • Deirdre Rea

    I just saw Devorah’s work at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, VA yesterday and was fascinated. Today, I opened one of my quilt magazines and found an article on her for her work with the spools of thread. She’s everywhere! And I’m hooked. Amazing.

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