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Imagining America: Icons of 20th-Century American Art
Posted: November 10th, 2008

This two-hour art program presents some of the most important American artists and art in the context of the cultural and social transformations that defined the identity and nature of America in the 20th century. Each section of the film examines one of three basic questions: How do American artists represent the world around us? How do American artists represent themselves? How do American artists help us understand how mass media has transformed our sense of self and society? Through the work, ideas and lives of more than 50 leading artists and scholars, these questions stimulate the viewer to think about what makes us distinctly American.

  • River

    I am a young fine art student in Brooklyn and I absolutely loved this program. I would like to own a copy of it on dvd! However I have searched the net and come up empty. I did however find the book, which also looks wonderful. If a copy is available of this program for purchase I would be very grateful to know how I may obtain it. Thanks 13 for the inspiring programming!

  • Courtney

    I would also like to purchase a copy of this program if I can. Please let me know who I should contact. Thank you!

  • Adouble

    I second the request for a copy to purchase. It was really a wonderful intro to 20th century American art.

  • Kumar

    I want one too…..please.

  • Suzanne Enser-Ryan

    How can I obtain a copy of this wonderful program on DVD?

  • Stephanie

    Yes, I would also like to buy this as a gift.

  • minx

    you can purchase it at

  • mike

    no you can’t. I can’t find it anywhere, Amazon included. What gives!?!

  • syd

    It is not available on DVD. But, I recorded it from TV and made a homemade DVD of 90 minutes of it. My VCR tape wrinkled in a few spots, so a few bits had to be cut out. But I have 90 out of 120 minutes. I’ll copy it for anyone interested. Write to Syd at

  • Graham

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