SundayArts is Now NYC-ARTS
Welcome to the SundayArts Blog

As the producer of SundayArts online, I’d like to welcome you to the SundayArts Blog, your stop for the news and opinions on the arts scene in New York City and nationally.

The SundayArts Web site is part of a new initiative from New York’s public television station, Thirteen/WNET. A long-time partner with the city’s most celebrated cultural organizations, Thirteen captures their work for national broadcast on PBS series such as GREAT PERFORMANCES, LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER and GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET. The SundayArts blog and Web site, in the words of our station’s president, allow us to “offer resources for arts buffs anywhere, anytime.”

Contributing writers Adam Wasserman, Jennifer Melick, and Elisabeth Vincentelli will provide you with opinions, reviews, behind the scenes interviews, and more. You can follow our updates via RSS, respond in the comments field, or send us a question. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Thirteen Fan

    Great! Excited to see where this goes.

  • Jackie Kain

    Congrats on Sunday Arts. Well done and we’ll be watching out here in LA. And should you need a dose of what’s happening on the west coast, check out Web Stories on This is not an advert. This is simply to call attention to the different ways we are all trying to represent online (and on-air) the rich diversity of arts activities in our neighborhoods.

  • Totes Arts

    OMG! I love both art and Sundays! I was very interested in the piece about William Wegman, because I thought he was just a dog guy, but he’s not.

  • David LeRoy

    I like the idea, and have said so for about hmmm 30 years, culture, Sunday afternoon and having just finished the paper (NYTimes of course). Good luck on a great idea.

  • PNWKevin

    What a great addition to the Thirteen site!!!! Especially loved the piece on Cai Guo-Qiang. Hope we can make it back out to NYC to catch it at the Guggenheim.

  • robert white

    Welcome to Sunday Arts. It finally brings a modicum of sanity to the otherwise totally chaotic Channel 13 webpage. I did notice that the La Fille du Regiment, the last moviecast of the season is not listed. Is that on June 29?

    The revival of the telecasting from the Met is most gratefully received, and I hope brings the chance for us to have some more serious musical offerings than the eternal “crossover” acts that had lately become so everpresent on 13. In fact in thanks for starting the telecasts again, I pledged several hundred dollars in December.

    Now all you have to do is find a better way to raise money than the tired begathons. You even show repeats that the on-air fundraisers used 4 months ago AGAIN. At least now you have some content worth ponying up for. Ignore Charles McGrath and his stupid article in the New York Times about needing PBS. He’s clueless.


  • BenInBrooklyn

    If you love the opera you see on SundayArts, check out this program on Thirteen Forum. “The Enchantment of the Opera” is a lecture by Gerard Mortier, Director of the OpĂ©ra National de Paris and New York City Opera General Manager-Designate. He discusses the history of opera, and his vision of opera. This program was the first in a series of three lectures to be delivered by Gerard Mortier throughout the year. It was held at The Morgan Library and Museum, and was cosponsored by New York City Opera:

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