“Makers: Women Who Make America” is a groundbreaking documentary that tells the story of women’s advancement in America over the past 50 years. It is built on an extraordinary archive of interviews with women who challenged the status quo in fields from coal-mining to medicine. Watch “Makers: Women Who Make America” online.

THIRTEEN asked New York City “Makers” what woman has inspired them. Visit www.thirteen.org/makers for more programs on women who have made an impact.


Consuelo Mack

Anchor and Executive Producer, Consuelo Mack WealthTrack
Inspired by Margaret Thatcher

A huge inspiration for me was and is Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

She was the first truly powerful woman politician on the world stage during my early adulthood and the first woman to lead a major Western democracy. As I learned firsthand in my interview with her, she was a formidable intellect, had tremendous command of her facts, could hold her own in any forum, both domestic and international, and dominate many. She also had a clear sense of the essential role Britain and the United States have in protecting and defending the Western ideals of individual liberty and economic freedom.  Her pointed criticism of the then Soviet Union gained her the moniker, the “Iron Lady,” which indeed she was.

Consuelo Mack is anchor and executive producer of Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.


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