“Makers: Women Who Make America” is a groundbreaking documentary that tells the story of women’s advancement in America over the past 50 years. It is built on an extraordinary archive of interviews with women who challenged the status quo in fields from coal-mining to medicine. Watch “Makers: Women Who Make America” online.

THIRTEEN asked New York City “Makers” what woman has inspired them. Visit www.thirteen.org/makers for more programs on women who have made an impact.


Christine C. Quinn

New York City Council Speaker
Inspired by Cecile Richards

As president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards fights to protect and promote women’s health, reproductive rights and sex education with a goal to create a healthier and safer world for women. Her lifelong commitment to women’s rights, public service and social justice has earned her a rightful place as a nationally recognized progressive leader. I admire Cecile because although her opinions and views may not always be popular, she stands by them. She doesn’t back down from what she believes in and she never forgets who she’s fighting for. Her achievements are a direct result of what can happen when you hold on to your convictions and follow that up with a lot of hard work and steadfast determination. She is a woman I greatly admire and I continue to be inspired by her.

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