Arthur is airing on:
  • Nov 20 2:00 pm
    Locked in the Library!/Arthur Accused!
    Arthur gets in an argument with Francine. Buster plays detective when Arthur is accused of stealing.
  • Nov 20 2:30 pm
    Binky's Music Madness/Brain Freeze
    ARTHUR is based on the best-selling children's books by Marc Brown. The series revolves around an eight year-old aardvark, his four year-old sister DW, and their family and friends. ARTHUR is a show about being a kid, exploring the world, and finding your place in it. It's about kids finding inner strengths, learning to make choices for themselves, taking responsibility for them and of course, having fun. In each episode, Arthur and his gang guide us through stories that deal with real "kid issues" -- timeless difficulties and joys that all kids experience. The series also models the joys and rewards of literacy by presenting the many ways kids and adults incorporate reading and writing into their lives. Above all, ARTHUR is a comedy that tells its stories from a kids' point of view, never moralizing or talking down to them.
  • Nov 21 2:30 pm
    The Case of the Girl with the Long Face/The Substitute Arthur
    Fern's been feeling low and no one can figure out why. Luckily, Buster Baxter is on the case!
  • Nov 22 2:00 pm
    Best Wishes/The Tardy Tumbler
    After George has a lucky streak, his friends pressure him to wish for a snow day.
  • Nov 22 2:30 pm
    Francine and the Soccer Spy/Sue Ellen and the Last Page
    Sue Ellen tries to save the library after the City Council votes to close the Elwood City Library!
  • Nov 23 2:00 pm
    Fountain Abbey/Arthur Calls It
    The diary of Muffy's great, great grandmother Mary Alice reveals a very interesting story.
  • Nov 23 2:30 pm
    The Master Builders, Parts 1 & 2
    Buster struggles to build a birdhouse that will save the community garden from pests.
  • Nov 24 2:00 pm
    Whip. Mix. Blend./Staycation
    Arthur offers to babysit. What could go wrong? With D.W. on the loose... just about everything!
  • Nov 24 2:30 pm
    Two Minutes/Messy Dress Mess
    Power shifts in the Tibble household when the twins find out Tommy is two minutes older than Timmy.
  • Nov 27 2:00 pm
    Arthur Read: Super Saver!/Tibbles to the Rescue!
    Business is slow for Mr. and Mrs. Read. Arthur learns how his family can work together to save money.
  • Nov 27 2:30 pm
    The Pageant Pickle/Some Assembly Required
    Arthur is excited because school is almost out, but he doesn't want to go to D.W.'s Spring Pageant!
  • Nov 28 2:00 pm
    Shelter from the Storm Part 1 & 2
    When a powerful hurricane hits Elwood City, Arthur struggles to reunite lost pets and owners.
  • Nov 28 2:30 pm
    Brain's Brain/Brain Sees Stars
    Brain can't remember where he hid the final egg for his very difficult Easter egg hunt.
  • Nov 29 2:00 pm
    Sue Ellen Adds It Up/Wish You Were Here
    Sue Ellen runs into a math problem that her artistic vision can't solve.
  • Nov 29 2:30 pm
    Arthurs Toy Trouble/Spar for the Course
    Arthur may have given away his chance at two million dollars and must race to the toy store.
  • Nov 30 2:00 pm
    Carried Away/Dueling Detectives
    Fern, aka Detective Virgule Watteau, is on the case when Wally goes missing in Elwood City.
  • Nov 30 2:30 pm
    Buster Isnt Buying It/One Ornery Critter
    Buster's favorite show gets cancelled for false reporting. Now the new Buster isn't buying anything!
  • Dec 1 2:00 pm
    Maria Speaks/Postcards from Binky
    Maria learns to have confidence in herself, and her speech, in Mr. Ratburn's third-grade class.
  • Dec 1 2:30 pm
    Carls Concerto/Too Much of a Good Thing
    Buster enlists Binky's help to keep him from gorging on delicious Tuvaluna cookies.
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