Wings on Wheels

Lars Taylor can't walk, but he can fly.

Lars Taylor was a cross-country skiing champ looking forward to the Olympics. Then he suffered a mountain biking accident that left him disabled.

After his accident, Lars became fascinated with paragliding, which, unlike hang gliding, allows Lars to pilot his free-flying wing from a sitting position in his wheelchair.

“When you’re disabled, there’s that element of losing control of your own life,” Lars says. “[Paragliding] is one of the few things in the world that, once I’m in the air, it’s a level playing field.”

In this short documentary, extreme sports filmmaker Peter “Peru” Chrzanowski captures amazing scenes of Lars Taylor in flight.

  • Ron aka LanWanMan

    There are some awesome videos on this website. Very encouraging, I’ll be sure to spread the word. However, you won’t catch me up there on one of those gliders!

  • PinkGirlAtNight

    Excellent racing wheelchair is what I favor. And make me happy.