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Chapter 1 (21:25)

Chapter 2 (19:10)

Chapter 3 (14:56)

ROLLING was named best documentary at the Independent Film Project conference for works in progress, held in New York City. The film was also one of 14 new American films chosen by the Independent Film Project for screening at the European Film Market, which was held in conjunction with the Berlin Film Festival.

While Berland and her cinematographer both shot footage for ROLLING, the documentary is primarily filmed by the three participants via video cameras mounted on their chairs: Buckwalter, a clinical psychologist paralyzed at 17; Wallengren, a TV writer with five children who suffered from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), which stole his mobility and, finally, his ability to speak and breathe; and Elman, who was the business manager for a department at the UCLA School of Medicine until multiple sclerosis put her in a chair.

In the film, Buckwalter calls himself a “proud gimp” and says, “My blessings don’t stop it from hurting.” Each participant captures the joy of living as well as the pain. Buckwalter films himself practicing with his band, Siggy, camping with his wife and friends, stressing aching shoulders by repeatedly lifting himself in and out of his car, and during a frustrating doctor’s visit.

Elman, the divorced mother of a daughter in medical school, is seen advocating for Californians for Disability Rights and a bill called the “V. Elman Community Living Act,” which would make it easier for the disabled to live at home.

Wallengren is seen deftly coaching his sons’ basketball team, dealing with awkward comments from well-meaning people at a birthday party, and using dry humor to deflect difficult situations.

“Even though the film started out as a way of understanding the experience of being in a wheelchair, in the end, it’s really about life,” says Berland. “It’s not about feeling sorry for someone with a disability.”

Copies of the film will be available in the spring. Please send a request via the feedback tab on the bottom of the page or leave a comment and we will add you to an email list to receive notifications about the film’s availability.

  • Colin

    Wow. This film is a truly excellent achievement.

  • paul

    compassionately enlightening! It begs for a longer version,as well as a two or three,or more, then and now segments.

  • Oregon Viewer

    I’m grateful to these three individuals for the courage that it took to share their experiences with the viewing public. No matter how much we might think we know about the challenges facing the disabled, the printed word can’t properly convey the ongoing struggle for basic dignity.

  • Tim ize


  • Minna

    more, more, more.
    I applaud the films effort in giving these incredible spirits dignity and grace.
    People with disablities are our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We are part of the community and our community should reflect it. Disablity is not a curse. It doesn’t have to be.
    It can happen to anyone at any given time. It happened to me. So, lets make our communities more accessible so that walking becomes overrated.

  • Kelly

    Amazing Film. I have a sister in a wheelchair and her life is similar to these three amazing people. Thank you for making this film, sharing their experiences, and encouraging awareness on this overlooked subject.

  • Shawn Corbin

    I wish I would have had a camera when I was at the local home improvement store last year when some redneck dude walked by me, and
    not so under his breath, called me a “f*cking cripple”! At the time I couldn’t respond because I was shaking with anger….now I just pity him. Because of his attitude, he will miss out on knowing many incredible people.

  • jayne

    I am very interested in viewing this movie, but it is not listed as showing in my area. Is there any way I could get a copy of it? Thanks, jayne

  • Satyajit Pande

    This movie changed my perception about what it means to be “able bodied”. I don’t think I will ever look at a person in a wheelchair the same way. More than compassion, there needs to be a sense of we are all in it together.

  • Suzanne

    This is a very powerful presentation that really let’s us know that self respect and dignity are the responsibility of all of us. Let’s all commit to making the world a better place. Why it is so hard to get a chair fixed or medical support is outrageous. The solutions for support are available but ironically not financially accessible to everyone. What a sad state of affairs. Thanks so much for those who participated and those who funded this project!!

  • Cynthia Wade Weeks

    I am an itinerant teacher for students with orthopedic disabilities and also do assistive technology in a small county in northern CA. I loved the comment made by one of the filmmakers that they view themselves as someone who “can”. The “I can” attitude is wonderful to witness when a student realizes that they can accomplish things and find ways of doing things others want to do for them. The courage these people show is humbling.

  • Brent

    I know one of the participants from a prior job but after watching this I feel like there is so much I don’t know. It seems like many of the most blatant areas of discrimination (medical care in particular) are issues that disabled persons deal with on their own. I wonder if there are ways those of us who are not disabled could do more to help confront discrimination?

    Anyway this is a spectacular film. Will it be showing in Los Angeles? I really want my children to be able to see this.

  • MaryAnn Buckwalter Good

    It has been many years since I’ve seen my first cousin Galen Buckwalter (one of the three portrayed) and what a delight to have seen him through this very important documentary. One of the difficulties of our culture is that it places too high a value on self-sufficiency and I believe this has the potential to be harmful for those that seemingly aren’t. But this film proved otherwise; my cousin is indeed more self-sufficient than most “walkers”.

  • Margaret Higgins

    This could be any one of us. Things happen. Lives change. How we respond is important. The supports we have (family, friends, community, architecture, insurance, etc.) or don’t have can make all the difference. We who are “temporarily-abled” often don’t realize that until something happens to us.

  • Rochelle M. Rubatino

    Where can I get a copy of the film “Rolling”
    Is it out for rental or purchase?

  • Jim Lenker

    I am a university professor who teaches occupational therapy students about assistive technology, since it’s one of our practice areas as OTs. I would love to be able to share this terrific documentary with my students. Will it be available for sale? If not, will it remain available on line?

  • Nancy Cicirello0

    I teach at a PT school and am initiating an interprofessional seminar for a variety of health professional students to gain a perspective of the social, economic, and political aspects of disability, not just the medical. How long will this film be available through this site, or how and when can our library purchase it. It will be a powerful element to add to the students’ learning, awareness, and discussion.

  • greg

    Thank you for producing this documentary. I became a quadriplegic in 1999 due to a diving accident and this film closely resembles my experiences. I will recommend this film to my friends and professors who will hopefully spread the word about its importance. Unfortunately I am located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the documentary will not air in this area. How would I be able to obtain a copy of this film? Thank you again for all your hard work.

  • Cheryl Bartlett

    Please send email re. how to purchase or have access to this documentary – it is not available in Alabama.

  • Jennifer Schick

    I came upon this documentary ,was very glued to it and I could not stop. I have a niece who is very special needs and a father that just had a stroke. They both need around the clock care. I never thought about the disabilities as being so overwhelming. I have only had the seven years of Paedens life to deal with it and it isn’t anything more than second nature now. I agree with Galen when he said something like ,when we are children we can’t walk but we don’t know anybetter, we can’t flap our arms and fly but we can run….. People always say “poor Paeden” I just think she may be sick alot but she is always happy, she has always needed help with sitting and stuff, but she doesn’t know she is disabled so she is happy. I think that Galen has it right, we shouldn’t look at them as handicap and see them for what they can’t do. I just wish I would have seen this years ago, it was verry inspirational.

  • R Brian Watson

    Are there any plans to show this film in other parts of the world. i.e on the BBC in the UK?

  • Susan Says:

    When I watched what the insurance company did to Elman by not fixing her wheel chair before it completely broke down I almost cried. Where has the decency and the doing the “right, correct” thing gone in insurance companies? Not only was it the right and correct thing to have fixed her wheel chair when she first called, it was the most “economical” thing to do so that they would not had to pay for a nursing home for one month. Then when the aid suggested that she go to the bathroom the way she did so that her life was easier, I got really mad. How dare someone take away her diginity in such a manner. “There by the Grace of God” do we not go there! I think this film should be shown on every PBS station, highschool Senior class. How can we get PBS to show it in Columbus, OH. Thank you for making this film.

  • R Harlow

    These very normal people show extraordinary courage in the face of rampant ableism. This film let me know we have a long way to go before we have a level playing field – with wheelchair accessibility.

  • Marianne

    An immensly powerful film that left me wondering how we as a society could put so much emphasis on athletes as heroes when this film depicts the real heroes of the world!

  • Susan Sather

    The film will be available for educational purposes in the spring. Please send a request via the feedback tab on the bottom of the page or leave a comment and we will add you to an email list to receive notifications about the film’s availability.

  • lynn Befera

    I was moved to tears by this film and will think about it for a very long time. I am a clinical psychology doctoral student in my 50s and am training in an independent living center. The most common complaints I hear are the ignorant, sometimes well-intentioned, but too often judgmental, comments my clients must endure from the (temporarily) able-bodied. The subtext is the commenter’s fear of becoming disabled, that life can be so random, rough-edged, and arbitrary. The truth is that most of us will experience some type of disability, whether through accident, aging, or disease, which can be terrifying. As someone with a hidden disability, I have heard, more times than I can count: “If I had what you have, I’d kill myself.” I feel the pressure to take care of others’ feelings about my disability, as I heard when Wallengren soothed a partygoer (“Into every life a little rain must fall”) whose first words were of pity, rather than just asking how he was doing. Again, probably well-intentioned but not helpful. I can’t speak for everyone with a disability, but I know I don’t want to be “courageous” or “brave”–I just want a normal life, the same as the subjects of this documentary want. But being disabled in an able-bodied world means everyday things such as opening doors become necessary acts of heroism. Galen was right–he is a survivor, they all are. Thank all of the subjects/stars and the filmmaker, Gretchen Berland, for this wonderful film. It was full of hope, something that’s in short supply some days. Shaw said that discouragement was the only illness and this was a much needed antidote. I hope it will receive wider distribution so everyone, disabled or not, can see it and learn what it’s like to ride a mile in their chairs.

  • Kelley

    I am speechless… I work for a company that assists people with disabilities. One of the values of this company is to see and work with peoples’ abilities as opposed to seeing what it is they can’t do. This film was incredible, empowering, sad, terrific, and very much needed. I am grateful to the folks who were willing to share their lives and experiences with those who are able to see the film. I would like to be kept aware of when this will be available for purchase so others can benefit the way I did viewing it today. Thank you!

  • corey hudson, CEO Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)

    I am interested in showing “Rolling” to CCI staff as an inservice to assist in realizing the challenges of the people we serve with assistance dogs. Is there a way to order the film (DVD) to show to an audience of about 50 people.

    Well done on the project!!


    Corey Hudson
    707 577 1716

  • Judy Dean

    Would like info on how to order/purchase a video or DVD to show on campus. Thanks
    Judy Dean, Co-Director, Services to Students with Disabilities, California State University, Sacramento

  • Lance Nordstrom

    I would be interested in notification of the availability of this film in VHS or DVD for corporate educational purposes.
    WorkSafeBC (Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia)

  • Gary Voss

    Thank you for this honest and dignified look into the lives of those who use wheelchairs. Please notify me when the film is available so that I may use it in my advocacy for people with disabilities.

  • Gayle Hafner

    The final cut will be printed and published with open captions, and audio discription so that it is readily accessible to ALL, right?
    Thanks, GREAT tool when completed. GH

  • Jenifer Simpson

    I am very glad to learn that the final version will have captioniong and audio description. I ran the website version and didn’t get much out of it without captioning. I think the website version should be captioned and described as well. I don’t think that is too hard to do.

  • Deborah A Hutchins

    Please send me information on how to purchase the final version. Thank you!

  • diane dunn

    Thank you. I also can not wait for the release day of the final product. I am both legally blind and hard of hearing. Where I work I end up having to scream a people to get over it as to what i can and can not do. I do not drive. For now I can ride a electric bike to travel to and from work. I have to hear about how it is cold outside and how I am still riding it. This only serves to constantly remind me of how I lost much of my eyesight.

  • WB Mick

    I am with Permobil and would like to offer assistance to Vicki Elman if she has not found a good dealer in her area to resolve her issues. Feel free to share my email address with her.


  • Crystal Greene

    Last night I watched your documentary on thirteen with my two children. I found it to be very educational and yet heartbreaking. All three stories touched my heart. I felt like I wanted to help all of them, but I couldn’t. My heart goes out to the Wallengren family. I found him to be inspiring, because he was still able to be a father and great coach to his boys. I hope they’ve learned a great lesson from their father’s love for them. To Vicki, I just want to give a huge hug because I felt she was treated badly by the wheelchair company, and that nursing home. I love that she has the ablity to keep her humor thoughtout her situation. Buckwalter, I hope he is able to solve it problems with is sore sholders. Well, I have to go now because I am using my jobs computer I have no computer of my own, but I just couldn’t get this show off of my mind. God bless you all. If you would like to email me please feel free.

    Ms. Crystal Greene

  • Jim Cotterill

    I’m the chairman of the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Foundation, and we would like a DVD of Rolling to show to our patients, their families and our staff. How can I obtain a copy?
    Thank you.

  • Marsha Spelich

    I am a Nurse Manager of a SCI rehab unit. I too would like to purchase a DVD as a tool for orienting staff as well as a resource for patients. Please let me know if and how i can purchase.

  • Eric Appleberry

    This film does a good job showing the public some of the downsides of being “wheelchair bound,” which certainly is part of the reality with which many of us “disabled” people have to contend–especially as the “regular” infirmities of advancing age compound our problems.

    But, there are many of us “wheelers” who have adapted to the “irregularities” of the situation and carry on for many, many years with what otherwise would be called a normal, meaningful life in our society.

    Galen Buckwalter apparently is such a person but the film focuses more on his problems than on on his success in a regular life. Such people need to be more frequently and fully portrayed, so that being in a wheelchair can be viewed as a happenstance, and not just a dread thing to pity.

  • Kim Eberhardt

    excellent documentary-I would definitely be interested in additional info on purchasing, as I am an occupational therapist and who works with individuals with spinal cord injury.

  • Ben Rockwell

    Great documentery film. The true story tells it all. Keep spreading the word. I want to get a copy to share with friends at church and in the community to show what is going on that most people do not see. Everyone in the film has a lot of courage and strength. Some are active leaders in the disability comunity along side others who might be better known. We need more vidios like this to raise awairness. One other film that was released in the general run theaters that is great is “The Music Within” but it is acted and not the real thing. To get active persons might want to get involved in orginizations like Californians for Disability Rights Inc. There are also many more orginizations that help us. I encourage all persons to get active for the civilrights of all persons. I do know Vicki and she is the president of her local chapter of CDR. Go kid, Go!!!! Ben

  • Martin Carrillo, ,MS., P.T.

    I would like to obtain a video to share with my patients, students and colleagues locally and in Latin America….
    305 801 2139
    Excellent work!

  • John Page Garrett

    How may i contact Buckwalter?
    I’d love to share copy of the film with companies for sensitivity training.
    20,000 hours advancing disability rights.

  • Christina Morton Sawhney

    This documentary confirms my greatest fears and deepens my respect for these individuals in their struggle to maintain independence in all aspects of their lives. It allows me to more fully comprehend what they have to endure on a day to day basis living with disability. From my own experience as a physician & patient, I have found non-disabled medical professionals and members of society as a whole often lack the insight to imagine what it would be like to “walk a mile” in these people’s shoes. I thank Berland, Elman, Buckwalter, Wallengren & their families/associates for having the courage, insight and dedication to participate in this invaluable documentary.

  • Kalindi Trietley

    I serve as the Director of Learning and Disability Services at Dartmouth Medical School. I would love to somehow arrange for our students to see this film. Can you please let me know details about access? It’s a remarkable achievement. Thank you.

  • Michelle Jones

    I was wondering if at all there was any possible way that there would be a way i would be able to recieve the documentary’s on VHS or DVD I am employed under the Gloucester County Disability Services and I think it would be a nice asset to have to be able to let all employee for my department view and to get a feel for what it is really like if you could possibly get back to me i would greatly appreciate it

    Thank you,
    Michelle Jones
    Offices of Disability Services
    Gloucester County
    856-384-6845 (fax)

  • Michelle Hill

    We would love a copy of this film for our library – could you
    please let me know when it will be available and the cost. Many thanks

  • D Downs

    How can we get a copy of this video/DVD?

  • Charlotte Wharton

    We thank the families for sharing their daily living experiences. It is a very moving documentary. Please let me know when a DVD version is available. I’d like to feature it
    at a caregivers seminar.
    Thank you
    Charlotte Wharton
    ACRES Outreach Assistant
    United Cerebral Palsey of Northern, Central & Southern New Jersey
    245 Main Street
    Chester, NJ, 07930

  • Sarah Witter

    Like everyone else, please contact me regarding how I can get a copy of this film. It would be an invaluable resource for so many of the families I serve as a travel instructor. Please contact.

  • Michele L. Arnold, MD

    Thank you for documenting the perseverence, independent spirit and rich quality of life that I also see in my patients every day as a rehabilitation physician. Now the rest of the world can see beyond their impairments and recognize them for the champions they truly are.

  • Corey Lee

    Regardless of their lack of mobility they managed to dig deep and keep things moving. Whatever form of paralysis or disability that befalls us it’s ones spirit that enables us to continue forward. It’s been going on three years since I’ve been a quadriplegic, and I am completely inspired by these documentaries… brilliant!!!

  • Doreen Earl

    A co worker and I are giving a presentation in September 08 on disability awareness and would like to use Rolling as part of our presentation – we have tried numerous ways to get a copy of the video or CD to no avail. We would like to be contacted when/how to purchase/get a copy.

    Thank you

  • Cynthia Proctor

    I too would like a copy of the film!

  • Estelle Blackburn

    would like a copy of film—know first hand of the world that refuses to acknowledge/accomodate a wheelchair yet if anyone lives long enough they will end up in one!

  • Andi

    I tried to get both PBS stations in the great Seattle area to show this film. the Seattle station gave me boilerplate language while the Tacoma station was far more responsive but as of mid-march, there is no sighting of the film on PBS in my area. It’s dismaying and depressing that they will show 87 reiterations of a doo-wop concert or a Roy Orbison show they’ve been showing for years, and not this new programming which matters so much.
    And yeah, blush, i did try to get a friend in NY to film it for me but her VCR refused to cooperate!

  • Andy

    Thank you for making this film.

  • Sue Elder

    A co-worker sent me this because we are having to rebuild my moms house due to a fire. Since she is now in a wheelchair due to Critical COPD this was an eye opener for me. I appreciated watching it and the courage the people had to make it. I am amazed how many establishments do not have automatic doors. The loading and unloading the chair from the vehicle is a challenge. Since we lost my step dad in the fire I am mom’s right arm for help. My husband and I will move in with her to take care of her for the rest of her life. Watching this video will make it easier to accomedate her needs. Thank you.

  • Dave Becker

    I am a crts.I prescribe and supply wheelchairs and seating for the severely disabled.This was a great show for all people to see.Maybe someone can do a show on the technology and the shrinking funding situation.We will not be able to provide appropriate equipment for people much longer.Thanks for the compelling view of life in a chair.PS,I know Vicki

  • Vicki Melms

    I would like a copy of this for our GIVE Library here at the University of Toledo Center for Successful Aging.

  • Caren Sax

    Looks like a great series to share with our graduate students enrolled in our Rehabilitation Counseling Program. Is there a way to get a version that’s captioned? Thanks for your work!

  • Julie Griffith

    Is this available for purchase? I’m the Library Director @ a for-profit university, with graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology. I saw this the other night, and would like to add it to my collection.

  • cheryl b.

    this is an excellent documentary,and im in the medical field and have seen first hand the physical struggle that is endured by people who are wheelchair dependent.someone should follow thru with v.elder’s driver and explain what negligence means,and just plain inhumaness.

  • Susan Hannifan

    I am a disability services counselor at a community college and would very much like to purchase a copy of this film to share with others for disability awareness. I also think it would be a powerful film to show in Sociology classes.
    Please let me know how I may go about acquiring a copy for our school.
    Thank you.

  • rollbob

    Ahh yes, this is the film to pass on to others.
    Found it with help from LADY2RW. thanks for telling us about it.
    You are a Lady.
    Meow,,,, woof-woof.

  • rollbob

    Opps that was on .
    Thank LADY2RW again.

  • amanda

    This is a great film but it shouldn’t inspire or remind you of the strength of the human spirit – it should piss you off that people are having such a hard time living independent lives b/c of so many barriers. Galen couldn’t even get up on the examination table at his own doctors office – that’s not right. Vicki couldn’t travel down the sidewalk – that’s not right. She was also told to go to the bathroom in her diaper b/c it was too much work for the other person to assist – that’s not right either. She couldn’t even get in the building! It took 7 months for her w/c to get fixed – not right! Yes the people in the film do deal with struggles every day and thank god for their tolerance. But instead of patting them on the back for their strength we should change these barriers so everyday life isn’t such a struggle.


    This superb film should be aired on ALL the major networks in prime time. If it just gave pause to some it would be worth it. Thanks to 3 people baring their lives to “TRY” and educate the public, and to Dr. Berland for an unique, powerful approach.

    Thank you for the very kind words, Rollbob.

  • Lynn Brown

    It has been many years since I have used a wheelchair for an extended period of time. And, unfortunately it appears that there has been too little progress regarding accessability and acceptance. Back in the 1970s I regularly found it impossible to use the restroom independently in restuarants due to my inability to find a way to get two doors at different angles to be open at the same time, to have a clerk or server realize that just because my legs are working, that my ears, eyes and mouth still do so it would be nice if questions were directed a me, not my companion, etc. What a sad reflection on our soceity that we who are outwardlly interdependent are still struggling to be accepted. Viewing this excellent documentary has caused me to be aware of just how much I hope I am not going to be needing a wheelchair in the future!

  • susan

    realistic and informative documentry of life for the disabled

  • susan

    realistic and one can nget agreat understanding of people

  • Carla Rey

    This outstanding film should be viewed by everyone–abled & disabled–young & old alike! The perspective of these 3 outstanding people will help make you a better person & your “take” on life will be more fully understood & lived!

  • Chitra

    Very interesting site and I think-it will be helpful to me in many ways…. Will explore more later tonight.


  • Jim Matthews

    I just watched this film again, after seeing it earlier this year. I think the film comes as close to anything I have seen to creating a realistic depiction of life as a disabled person. I hope this film becomes required watching for physicians, nurses, physical therapists, street engineers, mass transit planners, hotel and home developers, etc.

  • Wendy Daniels

    I thank you for airing this. I have been in a wheelchair for 12 years now, but showing this made my family and friends (that watched it with me) realize how They don’t really think of me as disabled. Sometimes they even forget I am in the chair!
    My only comment to the people shown on the show is, California must not have as many services as we have here in Utah? I’m glad to see their family and friends were there to help when needed. I am even more happy to see these “differently abled” people trying to keep as much of their independance as possible! Makes me think I can also do anything!

    Thanks to the Doctor for thinking beyond the box!

  • Enid Larsen

    Is Rolling available for sale or rent or library access? I would like to show it to my master of education students this month (September 2008).

  • April Guajardo

    Is there a way I can get a copy of this film for my university/Professor. I am a TA and my Professor is interetsed in showing this film to his classes.

  • Maurice

    Very enlightening! I am a quadriplegic living in the Philly area and I experience plenty of the same obstacles and would to show others. Are you making another film?

  • vincent lason

    very good documentary

  • Lina

    Thanks for airing this!

  • Jane Freund

    I would like a copy of the film to use in teaching physical therapy students. Thanks. Jane

  • Kia

    This was a very touching story…Anyone can imagine what they think it’s like being in a wheelchair and dealing while dealing with diseases, but this film showed me unless you live it, you can’t possibly imagine what it’s like

  • katrina

    wow. this was really moving. excellent documentary.

  • Paul Robins

    As one of Galen’s friends since before his injury,I,and our friends view this film in a uniquely third angle. Thank You,Gretchen.

  • Isabel Margot

    I would like a copy of the film to use in teaching occupational therapy students in Switzerland. Thanks. Isabel

  • Rick Frame

    This film not only shows a great effort on the part of the filmmaker but also a true and accurate portrayal of life lived from a wheelchair. I purchased a copy of this movie when it was first made on VHS and would like to know if it’s going to be available on DVD?

  • Joyce Davis

    i stumbled upon this project (website) and was glued to the website’s 3 chapters from beginning to end in a straight shot. not only was it filmed from ‘our’ point of view, it was edited such that the best parts were expertly revealed to us in manageable pieces.

    i am so sorry for the als person’s passing, and the most poingnant part for me was the woman who was stuck outside in her chair. i, too, have been stuck in the middle of my livingroom without a phone, or ability to get to the commode, or to get something to drink or eat or even turn on the tv or read. i meditated all day, before and after i wet my pants.

    this movie had to be made. it was, and it was done beautifully.

  • Felicia-NM


  • Sarah D

    Has anybody been able to obtain a hard copy of this film? I would love to purchase one if possible. Thank you!

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  • Tommie Clayburn

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  • Julie

    Would like to inquire about obtaining hard copy of this film. Thanks

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  • Reed Marken

    I really love Your website, I have bookmarked it. I believe that You will keep up with good job, your article was very gripping. I hope you have a good day!

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  • Allan Goldstein

    I’d like to use this film in my 1st-year writing seminar that is based on disability.
    Is there a way I can access the film without relying on the internet?

  • Linda R.

    I just discovered this video – how powerful! Thank you Ms. Berland. More documentaries (or OMG – how about a big lavish Hollywood movie) addressing physical disability issues from the patients’ perspective is much needed! My husband of 17 years was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis just about a year ago. He is in his late 50s and is gradually succumbing to this debilitating, painful and frustrating disease. We have two young teenagers and dealing with the MS and meeting their needs significantly adds to the stress my husband must endure. He is so scared of further losing his ability to function and struggles more than he should to avoid the dreaded wheelchair. Watching this video has enlightened as to why… Facing our senior years, along with the rest of the aging Baby-boomers, and facing a major disability as well is rarely portrayed in the film industry. Thank you Ms. Elman, Mr. Buckwalter and the Wallengren Family for sharing your experiences. Peace and health…


    WOW- please send email re; release- thanks

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  • Ruth Madison

    I’m way behind on this, but I would like to find a copy of this film…

  • B Jo Ann Mundy

    Thank you for making this film . . . I would like to purchase a copy as soon as it becomes available . . .

    Jo Ann

  • Skip Tracing

    Hello, I really think this is very interesting. Thank you,

  • Keratina para el cabello

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