Vicki Elman


Vicki Elman is president of a local chapter of Californians for Disability Rights, Inc. and currently advocating for a bill called the “V. Elman Community Living Act,” which would make it easier for the disabled to live at home. It has yet to be introduced to the California State Legislature.

Elman formerly worked as the business manager for a department at the UCLA School of Medicine. Her multiple sclerosis (MS) now limits her ability to work. Her insurance plan limits the choices she can make; she cannot choose her own doctor. She is active in several MS support groups.

Elman lives in San Dimas and is the mother of a daughter in medical school. Elman earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal State University. She is living independently in her own home.

  • Debbie Dunning

    I have watched the documentary and would like to know if your bill has been introduced yet? I became very anxious for you when your wheelchair broke, 10feet from your house and did not have a cell phone signal.I feel that the driver’s lack of humanitarian instinct to help was overwhelmed by the possibility of loss of employment and I am sure the Good Samaritian Law would have covered that issue had it come down to litigation. I do hope your new chair has a back up and or an alarm of some kind to alert passerbys that you are stuck and desire assistance.
    I am currently working on a paper for school on wheelchair awareness in the Mall and the “handicaps” a wheelchair user encounters. One of the many things I found irritating was the attitude of people. I found them very condescending because all conversations were not at eye level and felt that I was being talked down to.

    I really couldn’t identify any improvements, with the exception of automatic door pads to access the mall and lower drinking fountains. It seems that there is alot that needs improvement so that wheelchair users have an amicable shopping experience at the Malls.

    Thank you for your time…
    Debbie Dunning