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  • A mistaken delivery leads to the birth of an American food.
  • An experiment with various techniques to achieve an emotive style of storytelling.
  • One man's struggle with addiction and redemption, told through a combination of animation and live action.
  • After getting some inspiration from a book on still-life painting, Benny decides to liven up his walls with a new piece of artwork.
  • You'll never look at your cube-mates the same way after watching this animated look at 'a day in the life' of an office worker.
  • On the first day in their new inner-city neighborhood, a seven-year-old boy runs away from his mother and sister into the mayhem of the city streets.
  • A light bulb searches for his mom.
  • A woman excitedly follows her lover's clues to a mysterious adventure. After all, what is love without trust?
  • A baseball cap carelessly tossed away leads to a wife's shocking discovery.
  • A tourist trades her French habits for more "American" pursuits, but can it last?
  • Drawing from his own life, director Sean Christensen crafts an intimate and artistic look into his past.
  • An animated meditation on the destruction of nature by human beings.
  • Featuring archival films from the 1940s and a poem by Carmela Tal Baron, "Don't Ask" addresses the dichotomy between the way we are perceived versus who we are.
  • Mean girls, cruel boys and disco? It's all in a day when you're 13.
  • A man hopelessly tries to save a relationship with a girl who has fallen in love with someone else.
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