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  • 40 cities. 5 continents. 300 performers. One video.
  • A young Brooklyn boy becomes fascinated with flight.
  • Artists cross borders to reach New York City, creating a new home for international expression.
  • Jason explains his decision to undergo a major life change to his parents, and in the process learns more about himself.
  • Amidst this male-dominated musical environment, women come together to create a percussion ensemble.
  • Images of love-gone-wrong illustrate that Love is more than just what we're capable of imagining it to be.
  • A man devises a unique plan for preserving his failing memory.
  • An elderly Brooklyn man struggles as an umbrella street salesman during a drought.
  • James Dean meets Donald Turnupseed 56 years after their tragic car accident.
  • Will our heroine find love? Only time (and flowers) will tell...
  • Songwriter Christine Lavin sets her lyrics to a series of floral images.
  • Brothers navigate their complex relationship.
  • Two boys challenge one another to a long-distance swim on a summer day.
  • The comic animation proves that sometimes even super heroes have trouble telling right from wrong.
  • Mr. Chips seeks anime love in a psychedelic, ever-morphing virtual world.
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