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  • An homage to French cinema that playfully highlights the highs and lows of the eternal search for love. An official selection of The 8th Annual CUNY Film Festival at Macaulay Honors College.
  • A life changing encounter, via a time machine, between a young woman and her future self.
  • A film about beauty, hope, and spiritual rebirth.
  • A mysterious presence keeps a city girl awake during her first night in a country house.
  • A black comedy about a lovelorn writer who pens a suicide letter...
  • Interweaving scientific interviews with philosophical quips, this short documentary film explores the different ways we perceive and interact with light.
  • Two opposites come together out of necessity and eventually find hope at the end of the world.
  • Actor Gregor Collins recalls inspiring moments from his relationship with Maria Altmann, a Holocaust survivor portrayed by Helen Mirren in “Woman in Gold.”
  • An almost forgotten past helps a couple break free from the technological universe that imprisons them.
  • Richard is not the blind date Marie was expecting and now she must figure out a way to let him down easy, or else...
  • Told against the backdrop of Calais' infamous Jungle refugee camp and surrounding areas, this is the story of Talal, who journeys from Kuwait in search of a country that will offer safe haven for him and his family.
  • A film noir split screen palindrome about treacherous lovers.
  • In a society where physical contact is prohibited, one girl defies the law in search of human connection.
  • The quiet story of a baker and his quest to define what paradise means to him.
  • A touching story about the resilience of love over a lifetime and beyond death...
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