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  • A disheveled man is unable to borrow a library book until a suit jacket and a series of coincidental events turns his luck around.
  • A young conspiracy theorist is forced to re-evaluate his daily routine when it is interrupted by his only believer.
  • "P" comes home to an empty loft. "Q" has left for good. Their love has died. P rushes out into the big city to find Q, but comes home alone again.
  • Overwhelmed by the fact that tomorrow she will see for the first time in 24 years, Molly must make a hard decision while at dinner with her boyfriend Jacob.
  • A young boy discovers the only thing better than finding a treasure is giving it away.
  • What can a man and a woman do while waiting for the bus?
  • The protagonist -- a perfectionist -- is obsessed with parking his car perfectly.
  • Life is sweet and sour like the taste of tamarind. Two people connect over the taste of tamarind and try to forget the past.
  • Manners are truly a matter of taste in this dinner.
  • Gowanus-based Hugo Picciani is 81-years old and loves to keep little old machines alive.
  • A man attempts to compose the perfect fan letter to a film director.
  • A woman walks the viewer through her collections, explaining the importance of eBay, wigs, and the perfect vase.
  • An 88 year old man explains his daily life and philosophy.
  • Young security guards have a lot to learn from an old man in a historic building.
  • REPLAY is Reynier Molenaar's international award-winning short film about a free-runner who has exactly 4 minutes to catch a mysterious thief.
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