Vote for Your Favorite Short Film
The winner airs Saturday night with Reel 13’s feature films!
  • Scabs
    A deluded man hopes to spread the punk movement.
    # OF VOTES: 92
  • The Frank Job
    An evil scientist attempts to bring his experiment to life.
    # OF VOTES: 1112
  • The Commute
    A father faces challenges as he attempts to make it home for his daughter's birthday.
    # OF VOTES: 1081
Each week, Reel 13 presents three Short films for consideration. Viewers vote for their favorite, and the winner airs on Saturday night along with our Classic and Independent feature films. Be sure to check back each week to vote for your favorite - new films appear each Saturday night at midnight; voting continues through Wednesday at 5pm. And to all our filmmakers: GOOD LUCK! Thanks for supporting Reel 13.